Saturday, November 23, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 24th

Le Visage by TR Pics
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Happy Birthday today November 24th

Happy 21st to actor Peyton Meyer!

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Morning Sun

Bimbos with Balls! The Rise of the Himbo!

'These days, where there was once a gum-smacking blonde, there’s now a hollow-headed dude. A hollow-headed dude with distinctly un-hollow pecs that look like they get buffed and detailed more regularly than a showroom Lamborghini.'

In addition to being a reason to post images of Gus Kenworthy's amazingly ample ass, this post serves as the entry way into my deep dive into television's hottest himbos.  This past season, Gus played the ultra hot, but not especially swift, Chet Clancy on American Horror Story 1984.  Chet is the most recent in a long line of pectorally potent, but intellectually stunted, TV hotties.  Check out some of my list of favorites on PAGE 2 HERE: & HERE:

TR Pics: At Face Value

'The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.'
St. Jerome

Whenever I describe FH, I usually end up using the phrase the male form. FH is filled with images of hot models, actors, musicians and other men in the media.  Although the focus is form, I am rarely attracted images of just beautiful bodies.  The world, at least the media world and the world on-line, is full of beautiful bodies, but most of them, I scroll past without stopping to pay attention.

When I stop, it's not always to see more, but to learn more.  Whether it be in front of, or behind the camera, the men that I choose to showcase, have something beyond the exterior that ignites a spark in me to get in contact.  With art and imagery, it's usually the feeling or emotion they provoke in me.  It's the talent of the artist, and the emotion or personality traits the model is expressing.

There are many things a penis can provoke, but body parts on their own, aren't usually powerful enough to stimulate emotions beyond sexual lust and desire.  As compelling as those emotions are, it's really only a person's face, that is truly capable of expressing the full emotional breadth of a human's body and soul. 

That's not to say there aren't amazing shots in which the model's face is hidden. I've seen some incredible shots of dancers and models in which the artist captured a pose that is both powerful and moving.  For me personally however, it's seeing a model's face and eyes that make an image complete.  As a story teller, images with out eyes are unfinished, they are like scrambled and incomplete chapters with out a specific beginning, middle or end.  Most of the pieces I've struggled to write, are those in which I can't see a models face or eyes, blocking my ability to connect with the subject or image.

I have never struggled to connect with the imagery from Tom Rubeck from TR Pics.  Tom's images, and the stories he creates always draw my attention, and consistently peak my curiosity to learn more.  This past summer, I began a series featuring some of my favorite shots from Tom's portfolio.  (HERE: & HERE:)  I did of course, choose far too many favorites to fit into just one or two posts.

I can usually tell instantly when a photographer's goal is to showcase more than just a great body, or a model's body parts.  If you're paying attention, it's usually crystal clear.  Tom is always looking to capture great bodies, but bodies that belong to talented, compelling and diversely beautiful men. If you want to see more of Tom's captures of incredible faces, this time, with a bit more of their incredible bodies, check out PAGE 2 HERE: