Monday, August 1, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 2nd

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Dripping Wet!

The body cools down as water evaporates off wet skin, so then who wouldn't want to jump into the shower  with a hot Italian model.  Oh to be one of those drops of water cascading over Stefano's moist skin and down his incredible body... 

Sorry, these images of Stefano are doing absolutely nothing to cool me off!

Too Darn Hot!

I'd like to coo with my baby tonight 
And pitch the woo with my baby tonight 
But brother, you fight my baby tonight 
'Cause it's too darn hot

In the 1953 MGM musical Kiss Me Kate, the song Too Darn Hot is sung by Anne Miller who plays Lois Lane.  In the original stage musical however, the Cole Porter classic is sung by Paul.  Paul is a fairly minor character in the show, the dresser for the character of Fred, the lead of the show. 

Back when I was a teenager, I played Paul in a summer theatre festival and sang 'Too Darn Hot' at the beginning of the second act.  I remember that there was no air conditioning in the theatre we performed in, and although I was 'misted' before every performance, we didn't really need it.  I work black pants with suspenders and no shirt.  I didn't need to be 'misted' to look hot, everyone on stage, and everyone in the audience, was already sweating from the heat and humidity. 

With the current heat waves rotating throughout North America, I thought FH needed to help everyone cool off just a little.  I don't have a pool, but I live just a few minutes from a lake, and about 20 minutes from the Atlantic.  When I need to cool down I usually head to the shore where it's usually about 10 degree's cooler.  Now I'm not sure whether these images will cool you off or heat you up, but either way... hopefully you'll end up a little wet....    

Kiddie Pool: Nicolas by StudioMGphotography

'Not only charming and funny, Nicholas is also an awesome model. If he didn't live across the country, and about to move abroad, I'm sure I would have a new muse!  He is truly a wonder in front of the camera'. 

Full credit for today's cooling off theme goes to StudioMGphotography.  After Mark sent on a few shots of Nicholas (@Nickwithmuscles) in the watermelon kiddie pool, I knew everyone would want to cool down a little with ultra-hot Nicholas. Prior to the shoot, Mark was trying to think of themes and concepts that would create images new and unique to Nicholas' portfolio. 

The watermelon pool and toys were ordered and on the way when Mark found out that another photographer had already but Nicolas's hot body, in pool of cool water.  Instead of scraping his plan, Mark focused on shooting him from above and creating shots different from the other shoot.  Mark could have put him in the regular pool, but not only is Nicholas not that great a swimmer, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun!

'The whole Kiddy Pool theme was the smallest part of our 2 days of shooting and 5 locations. It was a bit of a throw away concept since our goal was just fun and goofy. We had spent most of the day hiking and shooting, and were just back at the house for 90 minutes so he could pack, then we'd stop at the gym on the way to dropping him at the airport. We squeezed the kiddy pool in though!! And he looked darn hot while cooling off! '

Nicholas's hot look reminded Mark a bit of actor Henry Cavill.  Nicholas' charm and enthusiasm for the work also evoked memories of Bond, another model Mark had really enjoyed working with (HERE:)  Bond is also a FH favorite, thanks to the many shoots I was fortunate to have featured from Wes from New Manhattan Studios. It was Wes who first introduced me to Bond, and who also first connected Bond with Mark.  Given that Nicholas was on his was to NYC to visit friends, Mark returned the favor, and connected Nicholas with Wes for a shoot while in New York.

With a full day of shooting, Mark captured many different themes and in so many different locations.  I'm hoping a book might coming in the near future so we can all enjoy more of Mark's work with Nick and his muscles! 


Darryl Powers: Sixties Summer

'If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliché that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal.'
John Lennon

FH Flashback:
Originally posted on August 27th, 2017

I sometimes wonder if someone stumbles upon a post in FH in the future will context matter? Will they just look at the model and see a vintage dated image. Will the naked man in the image, and artist behind it be considered in conjunction with changes in media, the ever changing progression of photography and the happenings of the time.

Will they consider that while that naked guy posed in front of camera, Trump was horrifying the nation with hate and division, Games of Thrones was the talk of TV, Carrie Fisher had died, Brad and Angelina were history, Prince Harry hadn't married yet and opioid crisis was only fraction of what it would eventually become...

One of the reasons I love looking back to images of the past is context. When Champion model Darryl Powers posed on the beach, it was during the decade that Kennedy was assassinated, The civil rights act of 64 was signed, The Vietnam war was in full swing, Rolling Stone Magazine hit the stands and Julie Andrew's The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins were both box office hits.

I first noticed Darryl when I was putting together a small piece a few years ago about some of my favorite Champion models. (Champions) Darryl had a great body, but it was his face that had me sticking away an extra image for a future post. The image I stuck away was the shot (2 above) of Darryl in the row boat.

Darryl rowing naked was hot, but it was the shape of his nose, and especially his beautiful lips that really struck me. I came upon that image again the other day, not in that long deleted folder, but on Pinterest. I was able to find quite a few more great shots of Darryl, most of them, taken on the beach. I wasn't however able to find out much about him.

I would guess that if alive, Darryl would be in his early to mid 70's and would love to know if the man, photographed naked on the beach when Kennedy was President, is still alive and kicking. I am guessing many of the Champion models did not use their real names, but would be curious if anyone knows more about Darryl and his life beyond the beach.