Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

Travis by Bob Burkhardt
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Seasonal Sightings

Nude Hiking soothes the soul

Prime-Time Supporters: Paul James

'Hey Tour de France.'

So FH readers know that normally, when it comes to new television shows, I'm often running late.  Usually, when I see a show I like, I DVR it, or watch it months later On-Demand.   My undying love for Vanessa Bayer however, has me watching I Love That For You, as soon as SHOWTIME releases it's new episodes each weekend. 

I loved Vanessa on Saturday Night Live and have followed her career ever since.  I've been looking forward to her new show on SHOWTIME since first hearing about it months ago.  In I Love That For You, Bayer plays Joanna Gold,  a host on the shopping channel SVN (Special Value Network) who uses her childhood cancer to help solidify her new job and on-air persona. 

Much like this writer, Joanna began crushing over production assistant Jordan Wahl from their very first meeting.  Jordan is played by actor Paul James, and on a network full of wannabes, Paul seems the only sweet one on the payroll.  Many of you may know Paul from his roles on Torchwood, The Last Ship and Greek, and his his nude scene in last seasons re-boot of HBO's Gossip Girl.

Again, like Joanna, my crush turned to full on lust after watching Jordan change his shirt after arriving to work on his bike. Bayer and actor Paul James are certainly highlights, but the cast is full of talented scene stealers.  Molly Shannon and Jennifer Lewis are fantastic and actor Matt Rogers is hilarious as Patricia's (Lewis) assistant.  If you haven't checked it out yet, and enjoy Bayer's unique and hilarious comedy style, the show is just four episodes in with the fifth coming this weekend.


Gossip Girl

Quaternate: Jack Saul Photography

There are certain themes and concepts that consistently arise whenever I featured the work of photographer Jack Saul.  I was first drawn to the London based photographer back in 2015 after seeing his work in the Model Mayhem pic of the day contests.  I was drawn to the honesty and raw eroticism within Jack's imagery and unique selection of models that Jack worked with.

Jack's up close and personal way of shooting also frequently brings out unique aspects of his model's personality that not every artist chooses to capture.  As you can clearly see, Jack shoots many stunning images and elegant poses, but I often find myself drawn to the fun, sometimes even silly sides of the models in front of his lens.  

Although He knows what he wants from a shoot, Jack also encourages his models to improvise and have fun utilising the spaces and locations they're shooting in. This can lead to Jack snapping various goofy facial expressions and sometimes award body movements as the models get into the perfect pose.  These images are often my favorites and one of the reasons I'm continually drawn back to Jack's extensive portfolio. 

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One-Piece: Travis by Bob Burkhardt

'Travis was definitely comfortable in his own skin.'

We're often at our most comfortable when wearing only one piece.  I know when I'm home, and have it all to myself, the only thing that I wear is a pair of boxer briefs.  For some it's a warm bathrobe or a comfy pair of sweat pants, but we all have our 'go-to' piece of clothing that wear far too often, and for far too long.  There's no need to mix and match or color coordinate, the only real criteria, is how it feels on your skin. 

Some of my favorite shoots focused on the male form incorporate just one main piece of clothing.  It's purpose isn't to cover, or to actually be worn.  It's role in part is to provide a visual contrast between material and skin. It's also serves as a creative tool for the model and often stimulated unique looks and poses.  

Last month, I featured images of Travis from photographer Bob Burkhardt. (Archivally Assessed)  In that first piece, I focused on images of Travis and his tight red t-shirt.  I loved how Travis used the shirt to spotlight and frame his incredible physique and the many creative looks that Bob was able to capture with just the one piece of clothing.

For this series, the one piece of clothing a grey hoodie.  Although the grey isn't as eye-catching as the red, the hoodie works the same magic by providing Travis with the perfect item to help draw attention, an the viewers eye, too specific parts of his beautiful body.

As visually appealing as the one-piece of clothing can be,  it also serves as way to reveal.  Although Travis is nude while utilizing the hoodie, without it...he's naked. Although the difference is subtle, and no more is actually shown, there's a difference in feel with and without just that one-piece of clothing.