Friday, December 2, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 3rd


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Seasonal Sightings

FaVorites: Christian Pulisic

Although I played a bit of soccer when I was a kid, I haven't really been able to watch much of the World Cup.  I knew of  professional soccer player Christian Pulisic before the World Cup started, but if you didn't, I'm sure you do now.

Pulisic has been all over the news the last few days, for his goal, and his subsequent injury  Pulisic scored while crashing headfirst into the goalkeeper.  The goal led to the United States advancing to the knockout round with a 1-0 win over Iran.  Pulisic ended up with pelvic contusion and was sent to the hospital. 

'Like, I didn't get, like, hit in the balls, but it was very painful, You know, that bone is there for a reason, to protect you, I think. And I hit it well. And it was sore, but like I said, I'm getting better.'

Despite the injury, Pulisic came back to play in today's knockout-round game against the Netherlands. Although Pulisic saw a massive opportunity go begging in just the third minute, it was saved by the Netherlands goalie Andries Noppert. The US team scored just once on a wild bounce off the foot of substitute Haji Wright.

Pulisic with Tammy Abraham

The Real Hotties of Beverly Hills

The Men of Beverly Hills
Playgirl: October, 1984
Photography by Laura Bergman

Not all of them are millionaires, they just happen to be fantastically rich.  Not all of them are movie stars-they just look like they should be.

Jade Beutler

The streets aren't paved with gold here--it only seems that way, but this is where only the biggest, the richest and the best will do.  After all, why fool around in a Cadillac when there's a Lamborghini in the garage?

Robert Burns

Why settle for Belgian waffles for brunch when the cook has caviar and champagne stashed in the pantry.  With those standards in mind, Playgirl went looking for, and found, the infest men of Beverly Hills.

Michael Caliendo

Long before the 'real' housewives of Beverly Hills were fighting and throwing drinks at each other, Playgirl headed to Beverly Hills to find some the hottest young up and comers to feature in this 1984 spread.  This marked the first and only time most of the men appeared in the magazine with only Vincent Alfredo appearing the month before in the snapshots feature. 

Keahi Kekoa Lee

Michel Cook was a designer, Gregori an engineer.  Michael Caliendo was a talent agent and Keahi Kekoa Lee an actor.  Vincent a graphic artist, and Jhett was the son of an evangelist, the reason he didn't reveal his surname in the magazine.  Wonder if daddy ever found out...
Chris Montgomery


Mike Rick

Gregori Stirling

Michael Cook

Vincent Alfredo

Harry Treadaway: Actors & SKIN

Although I first introduced to English actor Harry Treadaway in Penny Dreadful, I had previously been aware of his twin brother Luke.  Back in 2011, I did a piece featuring the film Clapham Junction, (HERE) in which Luke had a full frontal nude scene. 

Since then, I featured both Harry and Luke several times on the site, including their red and green underwear appearance in the play Over There. (HERE:)  Although Harry hasn't done a full frontal like his brother, he has shown his beautiful behind a few times.  And, if they are identical twins, Luke's frontal gives us a good idea of Harry's head and handle... 

Over There:

 'When Karl lost his virginity, Franz spontaneously ejaculated.'

Honeymoon (2014)

'A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night.'

Flight of the Storks (2012)

'Jonathan Anselme (Treadaway), a young English academic, teams up with Max Bohm (Danny Keogh), an amateur ornithologist, to follow storks on their migration from Switzerland to Africa'