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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 26th

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Happy Birthday today April 26th

Happy 40th to Channing Tatum!

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Above: The first nude shot of Tatum that I saw, I believe from 2001.
Below: A shot from Tatum's Instagram from last year


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UnEnchanted April: Marco by Male Beauty by bengie

'April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain'
T. S. Eliot

They say March will break your heart, but this year, April's been equally brutal.   Most years, March and April are the launch pad month which spring us forward into sunny days and starry nights.  I'm not sure about you, but in here in the east, winter has yet to completely let go.  It's been incredibly windy and rainy with snow still stubbornly sneaking in while we sleep.  It doesn't usually stick around too long, but even it's brief appearance in the morning, is another slap in the face

Between the social isolation, and pain and death which surrounds us, it's hard to count on April's promise of rebirth and recovery from the long winter.  Canada was also hit with a double whammy last weekend, which no amount of disinfectant can externally, or internally, wash away...  FH however, has always acted for me, as a form of escape.  So... if spring isn't coming to me,  I'm coming to it.

When I was thinking of a shoot or set of images to best embody my desire for spring, even a virtual one, this series of Marco sprung to mind. Some FH readers my remember that last March, spring's arrival was celebrated on the site with a couple images of Marco by Male Beauty by bengie (Sprung)  I have been looking for a reason to feature more of bengie's shots of Marco, and now, seemed the perfect time.

Although I may not be able to count on April, I can always count on bengie to beautifully capture the the male form,   One of my favorite parts of bengie's work, in addition to the array of incredible models he chooses to shoot, are the locations he uses around his home and property. Although it's always hot and steamy in bengie's shower. or on his patio, .. some of my favorites, are bengie's shots of models outside.

I especially love how he captures his subjects connecting with the fields and farmland which surrounds his property.  Marco in particular seems to be enjoying his time outside on the farm.  Marco lets it all hang out, welcoming the spring heat and sun to spread over and warm, his naked skin and body.

A Look Back: Kyle MacLachlan in Showgirls

'Leave Your Inhibitions At The Door.'

I'm aware that 1995's Showgirls is not a great movie, but it is a flick, that from time to time, does the trick.  The trick, is to entertain, something only cult films, and certain films that are  'so bad their good' are able to do. Whenever Showgirls, and other flicks such as Mommie Dearest, Grease 2 and Mamma Mia come on a cable channel, I record them.  I don't always watch, but on some nights,,, only a really bad movie will do.

It was probably about the mid-nineties when I really took notice of actor Kyle MacLachlan.  I had seen a few episodes of Twin Peaks a few years earlier, but it wasn't that show that drew me to the actor.  When I was about 20, I was at a friends house for movie night, and one of the rentals in the pile of boxes from Blockbuster was Blue Velvet.

The next day, I rented my own copy, not to again enjoy the films brilliance, but to again see MacLachlan's nude scene.  I re-watched that scene with MacLachlan and Isabella Rossellini again and again...  It's funny, the crush was rather short lived.  By the time I saw Showgirls a few years later, (again, from a Blockbuster rental) I wasn't quite as drawn to MacLachlan.

Showgirls (1995)

It might have been the time and place, MacLachlan seemed so much older than I remembered him in Blue Velvet, a movie that although made almost a decade before Showgirls, I had just seen a year or two earlier.  It's fascinating how time can change reactions.  When I caught some of Showgirls on a 90's movie channel last week, I again was lusting after the actor, even while playing Zack Carey, the Stardust's sleazy entertainment director.

 'You're gonna be a big star. Your face is gonna be up on billboards. You're gonna make a lot of money for the Stardust.'
Zack Carey:

With his acting resume (current sit-come aside..) MacLachlan survived Showgirls most unscathed. Elizabeth Berkley, who played Nomi, (that name still causes me to giggle... wasn't so lucky.  Berkley's acting was a little cringe worthy in many scenes, but you can't deny she gave it her all. This was especially evident in her dance scenes.  Normally a lap dance from a female stripper wouldn't do much for me, but Nomi's lap dancing for, and on MacLachlan at Cheetah's strip club was incredibly hot!

Berkley also appeared fierce taking on the required nude scenes, and she was completely naked several times in the film.  As far as male nudity, the only real skin was from MacLachlan.  There were a few male dancers in g-strings in the Stardust show, but they were never given much screen time, and it was hard to really get a decent view.  I'm guessing director Paul Verhoeven thought audiences would be focused on Berkley and Gina Gershon, and he was probably right. I can't be too critical of Verhoeven however, as he did give us a great view of Casper Van Dien's delicious derriere two years later his next film, Starship Troopers.

'Showgirls was a decision that was sort of a tough one to make, but I was enchanted with Paul Verhoeven. Particularly Robocop, which I loved.. It was Verhoeven and [Joe] Eszterhas, and it seemed like it was going to be kind of dark and edgy and disturbing and real. I signed on, and… I think they’d wanted Dylan McDermott and he’d passed, so then they came to me and asked, “Do you want to do this?” And I was like, “Yeah!” Because I was really into that mode. And I worked hard, I came in and did my scenes, but then I wasn’t really involved in anything else until it finally came time to do the press for it.'

'It was about to premiere, I hadn’t seen it yet, and I wanted to. So I went to see it and… I was absolutely gobsmacked. I said, “This is horrible. Horrible!” And it’s a very slow, sinking feeling when you’re watching the movie, and the first scene comes out, and you’re like, “Oh, that’s a really bad scene.” But you say, “Well, that’s okay, the next one’ll be better.” And you somehow try to convince yourself that it’s going to get better… and it just gets worse. So at that point, I distanced myself from the movie. Now, of course, it has a whole other life as a sort of inadvertent… satire. No, “satire” isn’t the right word. But it’s inadvertently funny. So it’s found its place. It provides entertainment, though not in the way I think it was originally intended.'
Kyle MacLachlan

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 25th


Happy Birthday today April 25th

Happy 34th to actor John DeLuca!

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Man in the Mirror

Always a good thing to know your best angle!


Morten Harket

Take on me (Take on me)
Take me on (Take on me)
I'll be gone in a day or two

JD Roberts (then & now)

I sometimes forget the White House reporter for FOX was once a childhood crush.  Maybe it's because he's working for FOX, but Canadian born John Roberts also previously worked for CNN and CTV in Canada.  Those of you who got Much Music in the eighties might remember John, then billed as JD, was one of the music networks first hots in the late eighties.

While recently searching for images for another post, I came across and shot of JD with the Norwegian band Aha.  Reminded me of my mini crush on singer Morten Harket.  Also reminded me that no matter how many times I see Roberts questioning the orange goon on TV, I continue to find it difficult to connect him to those days on Much Music.  He's a competent reporter, but my disdain for all things FOX news related cloud my ability to truly appreciate his work.

Aha (then & now)

JD & Aha

FaVorites: Ron Casella

First 2 images from Brian Jamie

Ron Casella, Select Models
Height: 5' 11.0"
Waist: 32"
Shoes: 10.5
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Dark Blonde

Ron by The Brooklyn Studios

Next 4 images from CThomasPhoto

Ron by Bell Soto

Remaining images by HardCiderNY