Friday, April 8, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 9th

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Happy Birthday today April 9th

Happy 45th to actor Austin Peck!

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Above: The photographer for tthis shoot, wisely decided to order only 6 white shirts

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'Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.'

Memorable Movie Dances:

When I first say the 2007 film version of Hairsray, I wasn't really a fan. Over time however, and almost constant television airings, I have come to appreciate certain aspects of the movie. Top of that list would be James Marsden's turn as hot Corny Collins. Marsden was never hotter than when dancing and twisting around, especially the adorable little move below.

Aroused By The Offbeat: Kangaroo Nik by Chris Teel

'Lover of freaky things'

With FH's focus being the male form,  I have had the opportunity to feature many incredible bodies over the years.  But as FH readers are keenly aware, I have little to no interest with just featuring a body, no matter how sexy or fit that body may be.

I like getting to know the person who inhabits that body,  their passions and personalty.  Although many photographers and model create mood and emotion through lighting and pose, the most effective path to personality is through a model's face and eyes.

21 year old Toronto model Kangaroo Nik clearly has an incredibly hot body. At 6'4",Nik's long and lean body photographs beautifully, especially with Chris Teel on the other side of the camera. Nik fluidly moves his body into elegantly erotic positions. After spending time with Chris's images however, it was also Nik's distinctive face and eyes that make a very powerful visual impact.

I love Nik's facial structure, his beautiful lips and his magnificent and expressive brown eyes. Through Nik's eyes, you are drawn into a longing, a sexual intensity, a touch of sadness, and more than a hint of Nik's fun, creative and freaky side.

'All my life I have known myself as being a profoundly creative and imaginative individual, aroused by the offbeat and unique, and influenced through artistic works of art of all kinds.'

It wasn't long after Nik created a Model Mayhem page, and began posting some of his portfolio images on social media,  that Chris reached out about a shoot.  Niks shares that after checking out his port, and seeing Chris' talent aesthetically, especially with shooting men, revealing men, he knew they could create some funky photos together.

'We shot in early 2016 when I came back from a much needed vacation in Florida. The overall theme of the shoot was 'Loss of Innocence'. A young and impressionable, big hearted boy. growing up and owning his sexual identity and embracing his unique style and personality.' 

During the three hour shoot, Chris and Nik played around many different creative idea's and looks. Chris had brought in many fashion items and props they used; shirts, jock and even a monkey (wish I had monkey shot to share...) an Nik brought many of his bold pieces of clothing. Chris and Nik are already planning a second shoot for May. Although the theme is still open-ended,  Freakshow is the theme currently near the top of the list!

'Chris was such a friendly and comfortable photographer to work with, giving me just enough freedom to play around yet also giving me direction which I like having both. In the end we had many fantastic and very diverse photos to narrow down from and love the end result.'