Friday, November 27, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 28th

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Happy Birthday today November 28th

Happy 38th to actor Alan Ritchson!

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End of the Seasonal Sightings

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Some family really luck out with the gene pool.  David and Victoria Beckham, the athlete and the pop star made for tabloid heaven with their relationship and marriage.  They went on to have 4 beautiful children, the oldest, Brooklyn, I previously featured on the site. (HERE:)

I didn't really take much notice of the other three kids, they were just children.  Then, this past September, David posted a beautiful slideshow on his social media celebrating son Romeo's 18th birthday and documenting his growing up. 

 David seemed to be struggling with just how much growing Romeo has done, and posted some adorable shots comparing heights of he and his son. Romeo is adorable, but never more so than when with his dad.  It's clear they have a close relationship that's beautiful to see. 

Romeo Beckham on Instagram

A Baker's Dozen: Yorgen

Yorgen by Gordon Nebeker

'He turns heads everywhere he goes.'

The first time I saw Yorgen's images, my head, neck, and various other body parts, were certainly turning and on the move.  Maybe it's name, maybe it's his blonde hair and beautiful eyes....  Maybe it's his muscled body and voluminous ass but Yorgen looks like a Nordic God come to life.  

Yorgen not only has an incredible look, he knows exactly how to use it in front of the camera.  He uses his curves and body angles to create salivatingly sensual poses with an explosion of sexual energy. Despite all of this, photographer Gordon Nebeker also describes him as incredibly humble, with an infectious enthusiasm for his work.  What more could you want in a model?

Yorgen by Gordon Nebeker

Yorgen by Mike Tossy

'Yorgen looks like a boyish Colt Model, and in addition to being easy on the eyes, his attitude was uplifting, and always ready to lend a hand.'

Utah 2017

Yorgen by Mike Tossy

Yorgen in Book Form

Yorgen by Gordon Nebeker

Yorgen by StudioMGphotography