Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 5th

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 5th Ethan Erickson

Actor Ethan Erickson who I first saw shirtless in magazines years ago when he was on Guiding Light, but went on to roles in nightime tv and movies turns a hot 38 today.

More Ethan from 'Pact With The Devil' and 'Jawbreaker'.

Thanks to Lost In The Attic for some of the Ethan caps.

Also celebrating today August 5th

Also celebrating today August 5th

Actor James Wilder turns 40 today.

Actor Jonathan Silverman turns 42 today.

Scott William Winters, so amazing in OZ turns 43 today.

Marcia Marcia Marcia, Maureen McCormick turns 52 today.

Loni Anderson, who I loved in WKRP turns 62 today.

Favorite Article Of The Day:

I have always been a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, hot as hell, great actor and handles himself with such respect and professionalism! My respect for him only increased after reading his article for Out. What a smart man whose thoughts and opinions are spot on IMO. Read the article HERE:

Photo's via OUT.

Favorite Sports Guy Of the Day: Gregor Tait

I have always been a fan of Scottish swimmer Gregor Tait. Best known for the backstroke, Gregor is a favorite in the upcoming Olympics. The last pic below is a stunning shot Gregor did, along with other Olympic athletes to help promote the Olympic games.

Favorite Male Model for August 5th Maxim Baryshnikov

I had the last two pics below for awhile, but did not know the models name. Ahh, got to love the internet, a little research led me to find a bit more about the beautiful Maxim Baryshnikov.

You find out more about Maxim HERE: