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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 13th

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Happy Birthday today May 13th

Happy 28th to model Francisco Lachowski!

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A Moments Notice: Daniel by MW Photo MD

'The ones who notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and the heaviness in your heart are the ones you need to let in.'

With the world, especially the on-line world, full of billions of images, I often wonder what causes me to take notice of a specific image.  What is it about an artist's work, a models look, or an individual image, that has me stop, pause and want to see and, learn more.  Given FH is based in story, what I first notice, is more often than not, the impetus to the story.

When Mark (MW Photo MD) sent on his images of Daniel, there were several things that popped off the screen that I noticed.  I think first, it was Daniel's strong face, beautiful nose and mouth.  I especially took notice of the Maryland model's beautiful brown eyes, thoughtful, but most definitely, with a storm of energy a brewing.

The second thing I noticed was of course, Daniel's large and colorful chest tattoo.  Viewers of Game of Thrones will understand why I first thought of the Cersei army, The Golden Company, and the elephants she so wanted to be a part of it.   The Latin phrase atop the art work, Inveniam Viam aut Faciamis  (I will either find a way or make one) speaks of that storm in Daniel's eyes and his desire and determination to reach his goals.

Daniel says that didn't initially plan on having such a magnificent art piece adorn his body.  When he listened to the artist describe the idea for the tattoo, Daniel decided it would would make a great chest piece and gave the artist the creative freedom to go with his concept.

It was this desire to jump in, take risks and experience life that brought Daniel to modeling.  When he was first in college, he saw an ad for a figure drawing model.  Daniel needed the cash, and it seemed like a cool experience, so he just went for it.  After that first modeling gig, he was hooked and was on the look out for other modeling opportunities that came up to pursue.

One of those opportunities was connecting with Mark who first spotted Daniel's work on Model Mayhem.  After checking out Daniel's portfolio, Mark liked what he saw and reached out to him about getting together.  Daniel was on board and they began with discussions about what each was looking for from the shoot, and what creative idea's and looks would be different and new to add to their portfolio's.

'Daniel's tattoo first caught my attention with all of the detail colored work and I liked that he took pride in his appearance with his work outs.  It took awhile before were us both to sync up our schedules for a studio shoot, but it was worth well  it. I had a great time working with him and collaborating our ideas. We have been discussing a second shoot which I'm really looking forward to!'

The third thing I noticed was of course Daniel's body, and a few specific and impressive body parts. Daniel maintains his physique through regular lifting, and although he was a little nervous the first time displaying all of his body for a shoot, his anxiety subsided after his first few gigs. After that, the freedom Daniel experiences and loves when modeling, especially when modeling nude, beautifully takes over.

Take Five

On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were you the first time posing nude?
3. It's always at least a little concerning shooting with someone you've yet to meet face to face

Had you ever been naked in public before modeling?
Do gym showers count?

What are your boundaries for a shoot? 
Nothing gratuitous

What's the best compliment you received about one of your modeling images?
I had someone tell me that I captured something to the effect of "masculine realism" so I took that positively.

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do?
I prefer direction from the photographer, so just so long as he or she has the vision and is really into their craft then I want to work with them.

What stood out from you with your day shooting with Mark?
He was very professional and respectful

Was there anything about your with Mark, unique from any of your previous shoots?
The cuffs were a first!

Blast from the Past: Jesse Borrego

You ain't seen the best of me yet
Give me time
I'll make you forget the rest

Why actor Jesse Borrego?  This Blast from the Past was inspired by two Twitter posts this past week.  The first clue that it was time for Jesse to make a FH appearance was seeing black and white image below.  The hot shirtless shot was posted on a retro TV page I follow.  It had me wishing more of the 80's television show Fame was out on DVD.  I bought and watched the first couple of seasons, but only have foggy memories of seeing a few of the show's later episodes which featured Jesse.

The second clue it was time, was post on Twitter about a Fame UK Reunion concert that occurred last week.  The show appears to have been HUGE in the UK, and it seems the cast returns for concerts every few years.  Although I don't remember seeing much of the show, I do remember some of the songs.  I was given 'The Kids from Fame' as school secret Santa gift when I was about 9 or 10, and played it to death, especially anything sung by Coco (Erica Gimpel)

I remember whenever I saw shots of Jesse in magazines he was usually shirtless, and with his body built by dance, hot moves and sexy eyes, he certainly got my attention.  Although I haven't seen those later seasons, they were the seasons that also included Janet Jackson, post Diff'rent Strokes and Good Times, and just before she shot to stardom with Control in 1986.

Jesse kept busy after Fame left the air with TV and film roles, I remember his stint on the third season of Dexter.  On television, Borrego's appeared most recently in American Crime and Fear The Walking Dead, and Jesse has several films due for release this year.

Jesse with Gene Anthony Ray

Jesse with Carlo Imperato, Rocker Verastique, Debbie Allen and Billy Hufsey