Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolution by Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sundays With Hans-
-Part 16- New Years Resolution

As it is the beginning of a New Year, Hans Fahrmeyer provides us with a theme that I am sure is on more than few peoples minds. 'Quitting smoking' is one of those resolutions many make every year. I am not sure these shots would really want to make anyone quit, I actually want to start up again! Thanks again Hans for sharing your work, these shots are terribly hot!

Please check out Hans Site HERE: and His Video Site on Daily Motion HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

Another amazing shot, this time of Roberto by the talented Michael Angelo (see more below).

Photographer of the Day: Michael Angelo

I cannot tell you much about NY based photographer Michael Angelo (mr angelo) as he is hard to research. I can tell you that like another Michael Angelo, one without the a, this one is a true artist.

The first shot of Michael's that I saw was the one below. I was instantly drawn to the bananas. Not for the reasons you might think, or maybe exactly for the reason you might think. The vibrant yellow really is the center of the shot with the model almost serving as background. I knew I wanted to find out more about the photographer.

I was pleased to see this splash of color, often a piece of fruit, was a theme in much of Michael’s work. The detail in Michael's work is truly extraordinary and I was amazed at the level of excellence with composition, lighting and staging in shot after shot that I had the privilege to see and enjoy.

Michael's has a wonderful online portfolio I encourage you check out at his site HERE: Be sure to check out his series “Portrait of Cambodia,” which documents the country’s cultural and political landscape. It debuted in New York in 2007.

"Winter 2009, Michael will present “The Lipstick Portraits”. Subjects include actress Susan Sarandon, supermodel Veronica Verakova, tastemaker Simon Doonan, philanthropist Abigail Disney, and burlesque queen Dita von Teese."

Below: My favorite series of shots by Michael.

This series of shots touched a series of conflicting emotions in me. Sexy of course, but also a loneliness. It is also reminded me of the many science fiction movies where one man wakes up alone on the earth and how small we really are in the scheme of things.