Sunday, July 9, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 10th

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Happy Birthday today July 10th

Happy 48th to actor Gale Harold!

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Squeaky Clean

'U know what's up when u get into your trailer in the morning and the only wardrobe you have is a pair of skin* coloured jocks.'

The Ginger, Bread Man!

I know the show has been on for years.... I know, the current version on PBS already ended and aired last year, but I have finally sliced into The Great British Baking Show. I caught the premiere a few weeks ago, and have DVR'd the episodes since. Currently looking forward to watching 'batter' tonight. The two hosts are fun and the judges 'judgy' enough to be entertaining.

I would like to say it was the cakes and cookies, but I think the recipe for having me finally pay attention was less yeast based and more testosterone driven. There are a few cuties whose dough rises each week, the most adorable, ginger haired Andrew Smyth. Not a shock that Smyth is originally from County Down, Northern Ireland, but the 25 year old now lives in Derby.

'As if his culinary skills weren't impressive enough, Smyth spends the rest of his time designing jet engines for Rolls Royce, where his work includes finding ways to assemble engines more safely, and experimenting with thermal paint.'

Researching this post, I unfortunately spoiled Andrew's fate by searching him on IMDB. The site credits the contestants by number of episodes, so I now now how many more episodes I get to watch Andrew greasing his pans. That's ok though, the show is a great diversion and am looking forward to finishing the season.

Frank Campisano: I can, So I do

First two images by Kevyn Aucoin

'I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist. It's empowering to be immortalized in so many different ways.'

One of the best parts about working on FH is the diversity of hot men that I get to feature. I love featured models who just starting out in the business and learning about what motivated them to get started. I equally love spotlighting models who have been in the trenches and experienced both the best, and the worst, that the industry has to offer. I think one of the main differences between models just beginning, and more seasoned models is their response to risk.

Ad for Mountain Dew

All models, regardless of experience, are required to take risks. Putting your faith, and your image, in the hands of another, is something all models must do at some point. Therefore, choosing which photographers to work with, what type of shoots to do, how edgy to go or how much skin to show, are all questions that must be answered every time an opportunity to shoot arises.

What I find refreshing about models who have been shooting for awhile isn't that they stop determining risk, it's that they understand they no longer have to put so much weight and worry into into their outcomes. Good experiences are great, but bad ones can help you move further along as well. Ultimately, models who stick with it, do so because of their enjoyment of the creative process, and the reaction of others although important, becomes less of a factor into the work they choose to do.

For Frank Campisano, it all began in High School. A fellow student, and a friend of Frank's who was into photography, asked if he would model for her. Frank loved the images they created and he felt at ease and natural in front of the camera. Others saw Frank's beauty, skills and natural ability in front of the camera as well. Signed with Wilhelmina in the 90's, Frank remembers that there were so many beautiful people at the agency and that the competition was fierce. You couldn't let that hold you back, and had to use it to motivate you to do your best. Being a bit shorter than many of the other male models, it was sometimes a difficult for Frank to get work. Today, Frank sees more diversity in models and sought after looks. 'Beauty is not the norm, it is what we make it!'

Frank by Ken Haak

'I was told by a brilliant photographer named Ken Haak that I was more comfortable with my clothes off then on. I have never been ashamed or feared being photographed nude. The male body is beautiful.'

Frank credits Ken Haak with pretty much launching him into the NYC modeling scene. 'He photographed me with Super model Angie Everhard and I have been featured in a few of his books.' It was when still at Wilhelmina that Frank first shot nude, but not for an official assignment. Frank remembers that at the time, after the official shoot or job was complete, some photographers would ask if any of the models wanted to stick around and have some fun. This would quite often lead to models staying, having fun and shooting more creative and erotic imagery. Those early erotic shoots were risky, but they also led to some life changing moments for Frank.

Next three shots from Mark Lauderdale

'I remember that I was doing a shoot for a TV Commercial and I was invited to stay at a house on Fire Island by the artistic director for the ad company I was working for. I was not out about being gay, but everyone always talked about how fabulous it was out there... so I went. They were shooting a Porn movie next door and I met this beautiful guy who later became my first boyfriend and helped lead me to finding the courage to come out!'

Have there been any offers you turned down for just being too 'out there?'
Nope lol

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
Yes, Dennis Dean. His work so sexy!

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
That's a loaded question!! Lol My face eyes and mouth when I was younger. Now it's my cock and ass!

Next three shots from Anthony Timiraos

Your work seems to have gotten more adventurous sexually as you have gotten older. Did this come due to experience, or just a 'fuck it' attitude after having been the in the business for awhile?

'The just fuck it attitude definitely. I am at a point in my life now where it's all or nothing. I am a great example and inspiration to many. I can so I do. I have nothing to lose and I have no regrets. Some may think I am sexualizing myself I tend to feel differently. There are a lot of haters. Let them hate. There is nothing more beautiful then the image of a finely toned male body.'

'I am a Dancer and a Certified Personal Trainer. I plan on doing a lot more performance art over the next year or so with The Pioneer Winter Collective based out of Miami and continue to inspire people to live well and be the best that they can be. Beauty comes from within. Love your self, every bit of you and make this world even more amazing then it already is!'

Below: Frank by SylvesterQ