Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Brother Update:

No real update, just an excuse to post a couple of pics of cutie Dan. For those watching, the live eviction shows are moving back to Thursdays beginning this week.

And another Jesse.

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 26th

Favorite Birthdays for July 26th

Happy Birthday today to:

Rugby's Benjamin Kayser turns 24 today.

Rugby's Fabrice Fior├Ęse turns 33 today.

Kate Beckinsale, below with the adorable Scott Speedman turns 35 today.

Actor Jeremy Piven who has the talent to both turn me off and turn me on, turns 43 today.

No matter how many drama's she does, I still prefer Sandra Bullock in a great comedy. Sandra turns 44 today.

Actor Kevin Spacey turns 49 today.

The great Helen Mirren, below with Oliver Martinez in 'The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone' turns a beautiful 63 today.

Favorite Hunk for July 26th Wilson Ribeiro

Wilson Ribeiro: Scorching hot guy for a schorching hot day!

Favorite Unconventional Hunk of the Day: Russell Brand

Many of you were introduced to Russell Brand with his recent role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russell has been around for years, starting as a stand up in England, Russell went through many jobs, acting, hosting and many personal issues well documented in the English press. Recently the press has been positive with the announcement Russell will be hosting the upcoming MTV Music Awards. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea I am sure, but I did get curious about him when the early publicity shots of he and Kristen Bell surfaced for Sarah. Both the shirtless Russell and Kristen in the pink bikini looked hot.

What an odd shaped crack... Hopefully just the camera angle.