Monday, June 20, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 21st

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Gone Far Too Soon... R.I.P Anton Yelchin

He Got Game!

Last night was a killer television night. Between the the final NBA game of the season, and an Epic Game Of Thrones, there was slaying on both the battlefield and the basketball court. Lebron James had the game of his life, a nail biter until just before the last buzzer. I love me some flying dragons, and some Stephen Curry. Curry is young, he has plenty of time. Last night was all about Lebron and the Cavaliers.

Hammerstein Ballroom On Demand!

Some us flicked between Basketball and Game of Thrones, some however, were lucky enough to be at The Hammerstein Ballroom for this years Broadway Bares: On Demand.  So many of the talented singers, dancers and actors I have covered over the years were turning up the heat, and stripping off their clothes for charity.

Mark MacKillop before the curtain goes up!

Mr. Stripathon 2016 Ricky Schroeder

Dave August & Company from fodg

Tales of the ER: Charles Canterbury by Stephen Kahrs

'Charles has such a unique and captivating look with those sensual and seductive bedroom eyes that you never tire looking at.'

Those bedroom eyes however,  might end up being a problem...  It was indeed Charles eyes, and a beautiful sense of yearning in his facial expressions, that had me wanting to feature his work with Stephen Kahrs. With a career goal, to attend school to become a nurse anesthetist, might have many patients, focused on Charles beautiful eyes, fighting hard not to fall asleep.

On the plus side, given how stressful hospitals can be, gazing into Charles's eyes, would be a pleasantly soothing way to slip off to dream land.  Coincidentally, it was in a hospital, an emergency room to be exact, that first connected model with photographer.  Charles turns the visual most people have when they thing of student nurse on it's head, and although he is serious about nursing, Charles hopes that even when he begins his professional career, that he can continue to model on the side.

'Steve is a joy to work with a great person and a very talented photographer. Working with Steve is wonderful. He makes me feel so great and comfortable during the shoots which really gives me the confidence to break out of my shell which then makes for a great photo shoot.'

'Last year Charles expressed some interest in having some formal portraits done. Some time had passed and I decided to approach him to see if he would be interested in shooting some stock work with me. Since the first shoot, Charles and I were quite comfortable working with each other and have always anticipated shooting together whenever possible and he's given me many usable images.'

'Over the past year, Charles has grown exponentially as a model and is great with direction, posing and even now offering creative input and suggestions. He's got a great sense of humor and I have many outtakes from our shoots to prove it! Those outtakes can make a book in itself! That's part of why we work so fluidly together. To my dismay, Charles moved west in January so I've temporarily lost opportunities to work him on a regular basis. On the upside though, he's enjoying new experiences at a nice young age!  Recently he was back in town and we found time to shoot a few fresh new images before his departure.'

In my recent features of Stephen's imagery, timeless has been a recurring theme.  There is a vintage, almost cinematic theme to many of Stephen's shoots that I really love.  A sophisticated channelling of qualities of men from previous era's.  Stephen's images of Charles are both stylistically modern, yet visually classic.  Through his use of bright, natural lighting, as well as his use of location, pose and fashion, Stephen's images of Charles have a timeless quality that brings an added visual depth to his work.