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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 29th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Anyone who follows model Sterlingjock online, is wel laware that his frontal views get most of attention.  As visually stunning as his front may be, his rear is also more than worthy of a little attention.  I've featured Sterlingjock exposed to the winter and snow before, (HERE:) but also wanted to share this 2023 winter self shot of a hot body, on a recently frozen body of water.  Check out more of Sterlingjock on OnlyFans HERE:

Pierre-Yves Monnerville: Unapologaytic

'Photography has always been my first love- it's how I express myself and my love of the male form.  The St. Sebastian project has been in my mind for almost 20 years...'

Many FH readers are familiar with the work of Pierre-Yves Monnerville, I've been fortunate to have featured the photographer's work several time on the site over the last 12 years. (HERE:)  Some of you may also know that the French Caribbean artist expanded his work to Act Straight,  a line of clothing and merchandise made specifically for gay men.  Although the pandemic slowed down Pierre's ability to shoot, it didn't dampen his desire to create

Over the last several years, Pierre has expanded his concept, and his message from T-shirts and clothing to and online zine.  St Sebastian, the martyr who fearlessly stood up to a Roman emperor, inspired both the latest Unapologaytic T-shirt design and new online zine issue.   Unapologaytic rewrites the story of a Gay Icon to inspire the community Brighton based award winning gay brand Unapologaytic to celebrate LGBTQ history with an original shoot inspired by St Sebastian, the gay icon who’s been inspiring artists and painters for centuries. 

Unapologaytic's representation of St Sebastian is a modern take on the traditional depiction of the martyr. Instead of a helpless victim, Unapologaytic's version of Sebastian shows him as a fighter - a symbol of strength and defiance in response to the current anti-LGBTQ backlash.   In the new Unapologayzine, St Sebastian is depicted defending himself and even fighting back against his oppressor.  The new shoot featuring models Jae, (St. Sebastian) and Alejandro. (the oppressor) Check it out HERE:


I recently saw a shot of model Gavin Hunter from his layout in Playgirl magazine back in 1998.  There was something about his brown eyes and chiseled face that looked familiar so a little research was definitely in order!  It didn't take long to find out why Gavin looked so familiar.

Gavin Hunter is also known as model Lance LaMar, a model I knew and featured back in the early days of FH.  (HERE:) Lance was a fitness model who worked with some great photographers including: David Vance, Tom Bianchi and Ryan Boyd.  I also featured some of Lance's work when I spotlighted the work of photographer Singularity Phase,

As Gavin Hunter, Lance appeared in Playgirl three times between his debut in 1998 and 2003.  He also found success in fitness modeling as Lance LaMar.  In addition, Lance worked for both Vista Video and Sharpshooters appearing in a number of videos including 2000'a Hunks on Haunted Hill

Next 2 shots from Singularity Phase

If you want to check out more of Gavin, aka, Lance, check out his full layout from Playgirl on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Lance by Tom Bianchi


Game Changer: Maicol Marinig by Levi Ciani

'It all started as a game....'

You can't really plan creative chemistry, but when you see it, and when you feel it in a visual, it's unmistakable.  Last week, I saw an image of Maicol Marinig on Instagram and had to see, and find out more.  I headed to his Instagram page and scrolling through impressive portfolio of eye-catching modeling images as well as dozens and dozens of stunning selfies.  I quickly noticed that almost all of my favorite modeling shots of Maicol were taken by the same photographer, Levi Ciani. I quickly messaged them both about featuring their work together. 

Maicol responded to my message enthusiastically, but also added that he's not actually a model.  Although the Italy based Maicol doesn't rule out giving modeling a shot in the future, the shoot with Levi was his first shooting experience and one that started out as more of a game.  When photographer Levi Ciani responded to my message, he also said the shoot started out as a game, a fun adventure that neither he or Maicol knew exactly how would end.

Although many like to spend time making bets, and predicting how a game will end, many factors play a roll in whether you end up on the winning, or on the losing side at the end of a game.  Maicol had never modeled before, nor had he and Levi ever met before getting together to shoot.  Like most games, it began as a fun and challenging adventure, but one with few expectations, and no idea how the resulting images would be such a game changer for both players on the field. 

'Levi had already been following me for awhile on Instagram and had asked me several times to take pictures. Finally I accepted. Full nude was not foreseen, we hadn’t even talked about it. Then, after taking the first shots, we let ourselves go. '

It wasn't always so easy for Levi to just let himself go, that's something that came with time, and experience behind the lens.  When he was younger, he didn't actually really like taking photos and describes himself as pretty much a mess behind the camera.  It wasn't until he was  in University, and got into Film Studies, when something magic started to happen.  Hi main interest then, and his main interest now, is the human body.  He began, like so many new photographers, buying an entry level camera and shooting his friends.

That wasn't enough for Levi though, he could feel something was missing.  The creative collaboration that comes from shooting someone you click and chemistry with.  Levi soon began asking people he didn't know to model.  Not just random strangers, but people he he felt had a 'spark', people he felt had potential, and who would light up in front of his camera.  For Levin, it wasn't really so much about their looks or beauty, but more of a hunch, and a feeling.  Levi wanted to work with those who stirred something inside him, someone who 'wakes him up' when meeting them, or just seeing them pass by on the street.

When Levi decided to approach Maicol on Instagram, he didn't care about whether or not he had any modeling experience.  Levi simply liked his look, and just as he does whenever he see's a guy he'd like to shoot, he simply asked him if he'd be interested in posing.  Levin not only saw the 'spark' in Maicol, he so sensually captured it so well in each and every image.  That spark was evident to me the first time I saw their work together, and to so many who are passionate about images of the male form.  Levi and Maicol's work has been noticed by many and was also recently featured in the digital magazine Eroticco.

'The funny thing was that the day before the shoot, Maicol got a swallow on his eye, and we thought we'd have do the shoot on another day. It all however, turned out fine, actually much more than fine.  Maicol it's a natural, it was effortless to me that shooting. I just stood there with my camera and shot after shot it was all beautiful. We didn't had any idea, it was just a game to start, I just gave him some indications for the outfit to wear then everything else just followed.'

Maicol clearly also loved the result of his work with Levi and the positive response when he shared many of the images on his Instagram and Twitter. The response was so positive,  Maicol decided to play another game, and roll the dice with the fun challenge of staring an OnlyFans page.  Maicol wanted a place to post the images that Instagram won't allow.  Although the images he posts on his OF are incredibly hot, Maicol says for more explicit shots, viewers are welcome to join  him in chat and ask about specific preferences they might like to see. 👀

Maicol Marinig on OnlyFans