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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 23rd

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Happy Birthday today March 23rd

Happy 59th to actor Richard Grieco!

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Who Dat?

The other day while scrolling through social media, the photo compilation below appeared on the Deadline Twitter page.  The image was used to announce that Chrissy Metz, and the three other actors pictured, were joining Malin Ã…kerman, Brittany Snow and Dermot Mulroney in  Starz‘s upcoming drama series The Hunting Wives.

I was instantly drawn to the stunning face on the actor pictured on the far right.  I loved his facial structure, his hair, his overall look, and clicked on the Deadline link to read more.  The face belongs to New Zealand born actor George Ferrier, and I then went down the Internet rabbit hole looking for more.

I'd not heard of Ferrier before, but had heard of the Peacock drama 'One Of Us Is Lying,' that I'd been wanting to check out.  I may check it out sooner than later after seeing that Ferrier appeared in 8 episodes of the show's first season.

George by Rob Tennent

There is just something about George that I find incredibly hot, starting with his beautiful face.  As you can see, his body isn't bad either.  No nudity thus far, but his career is really just getting kick started, so hopefully we'll see more in the near future. 

One Of Us Is Lying

George Ferrier on Instagram

FaVorites: Logan Santiago

Logan Santiago
Height: 6'1" 
Waist: 32" 
Inseam: 32.5" 
Suit: 40" 
Shoe: 10.5 US 
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown 

I don't know much about model Logan Santiago, but when I recently saw some shots from his portfolio, I knew I wanted to see more.  When doing a search, most of the results came not from his modeling jobs, but from the 6'1" stunners basketball career.  Santiago has spent the last couple of years playing guard for the Corsarios de Cartagena team.   

Santiago's look and amazing physique certainly caught the eye of more than just basketball fans, and he recently signed with NextModels. I'll certainly be keeping my eye out for more.

JayK: Beating Round The Bushes

'When I'm in the shower, I'm afraid to wash my hair 
Cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there'

It's hard to go anywhere today without being seen.  You can't run into a bank or even a grocery store without being captured on camera.  Gone are the days when one could prank their neighbors on Halloween, or even leave a surprise gift on the doorstep of a relative or friend.  There are camera's everywhere, on most streets, on buildings, and in the doorbells of many.

There are positives about all this 'seeing' of course.  It's easier for police to find criminals, and amateur Columbo's keep watch their front doors and porches for intruders and those trying to steal their Amazon packages.  People can spy on baby and house sitters, and ensure their landlords don't enter their homes without proper notice or justification.  

All this seeing can also be deceiving, with many getting off on the now legalized and sanctioned voyeurism.  We've all heard stories about law enforcement, private  detectives and security guards, getting off on erotic moments in the hours of footage now recorded, watched, and sometimes secretly kept.

Many of us like being seen, but most want a modicum of control, if not over who is watching, but when we're seen.  This is especially true of course, when we're naked and totally exposed.  Although I know their are exceptions, most people don't want to be seen when their not prepared.  When they're at their most vulnerable, or when partaking in certain hygenic centric activities. 

I know from my own personal experience, there are times I've been ok being watched.  I was aware that someone had their eyes on me, and played along, choosing when I went on stage for my waiting audience.  Like most actors, I prepared, making sure I looked my best, and was not only the star, but also the solo performances producer and director. 

That's exactly what JayK did when he discovered a camera hidden in the bushes beside the swimming pool in his condo complex.  JayK has been living in the complex for a few years, and during the days, often has the pool to himself.  It's an adult only building, and most of his neighbors work, so during the week, it's like a ghost town during the days.  JayK usually works nights and evenings, and the pool area, is usually his own private oasis. 

That was however, until a few weeks ago when he noticed the camera.  If it wasn't for Millie, his beloved shih tzu JayK might have never have discovered his afternoon skinny dips were being recorded.  Millie was playing with her favorite toy, her stuffed moo cow, when JayK noticed her crying and doing her 'stressed out' dance, near the side of the pool.  When JayK investigated, he not only found Millie's moo cow, he also spotted the small camera, carefully placed just inside the greenery. 

Initially, JayK wasn't that concerned, he's more than ok showing his body, and assumed it was just a security camera, to keep on eye on vandalism, most likely installed by the building owners.  When he checked however, the building manager shared that there was only one camera installed in the pool area, and that was over the front gate.  It caught views of anyone entering and exiting the pool area, but didn't cover the pool area itself.

JayK, with help from the building manager, decided to do a little of their own detective work.  They decided, that instead of removing the camera, they would obstruct it's view with some greenery, hopefully to entice the camera's owner to return to fix the issue.  Before doing so, JayK decided to put on a show, beating around, and in the bushes, helping to ensure his #1 fan, would be back for an encore.   

It's been a few days now, and thus far, it doesn't appear the camera's owner has returned.  He really didn't need to, as after a few days, the building manager decided to do a sweep of the pool area, and seven other cameras were found in the bushes.  They've all now been removed, and the voyeur is still a mystery.  If he or she is ever uncovered however, I'll be sure to share.