Friday, April 7, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 8th

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Bumper to Bumper

An Alluring Repellent

It's a bad obsession
It's always messin'
It's always messin' my mind

On about 363 days of the year... if you were to ask me what I thought of Saul Hudson, I wouldn't really have a lot to say. I mean I like many of Guns N's Roses songs, but Saul (Slash) and the group were never at the top of any of my lists. but... if on the other two days of the year... well, lets just say my answer would be different.

Below: A young Slash, rocking and looking great with short hair.

So... it's one of those two days and when the image of Saul above, popped up on a tumblr site I was doing research on. The dirty/sexy push and pull for a 80's hard rocking guitarist had me Saulivating. Behind his head of curls, Saul has a striking face, and I am not sure how he has managed to keep that incredible stomach of his.

If you check out the last image below, Saul also has a surprisingly tight ass.  Possibly kept so tight by being bound for so many years in all that tight black leather.,,

Rocking the pube revealing cleavage.

'If a band mate cums on your leg, it isn’t really gay — as long as you’re boffing the same girl. Even if you are wearing black nail polish.'

Higher Learning

'I’m not sure you feel about tumescence…'

Tumescence? Tumescence? As an adult gay male who has a blog dedicated to the male form, I should know that word...shouldn't I? Well, I didn't. When photographer Richard Rothstein recently asked me my feelings on the subject, he had me a googling. Now first off, Richard wasn't just striking up a casual Sunday afternoon discussion. Richard had just sent on a series of images from his recent shoot with Tyler in NYC's East Village.

Richard has sent me tons of images from many shoots over the years, and in Richard's case, I equally look forward to the words that accompany them. Richard's images are always incredible, but also visually brimming with light color and detail, much like the city in which serves as Richard's studio. The same degree of detail is often weaved within his words. Richard's brings more to his city safari's than just skill and a camera. Much like Richard's tumescence lesson for me, he's also open to challenges, and new ways to look at the profession and passion he has devoted so much of his life to.

The images included here are a few teasers and behind the scenes shots of Richard's work with Tyler. Richard's words about the shoot told a complete story, a personal story I didn't want to muddle. It's theme, is one I have thought and fought, a few times myself, when viewing and choosing images for pieces for the site. It had me thinking, and googling more than just the definition of 'tumescence.

Richard Rothstein: Beyond Heteronormative

'Working with Tyler, who is very open with his sexuality, was a bit of breakthrough for me and my art.'

Model: Tyler
Location: East Village, NYC
Words and Images: Richard Rothstein

'As a queer photographer and artist, I still have a long way to go before I can shed myself of heteronormative boundaries. And while I will likely never fully succeed at that, I will always keep trying. Certainly, the greatest challenge is expressing and celebrating queer male sexuality and sensuality pushing beyond the heteronormative. And certainly the most controversial and challenging aspect of this exploration is tumescence.'

'Heteronormative art easily and traditionally celebrates female nudity from the whore to the virgin. The vagina and it’s various representations represents life, birth, motherhood and creation. The penis, of course, commonly represents aggression, threat, rape and even war. But all of that is primarily from a heteronormative perspective. And tumescence is one of our society’s most rigid (pun intended) artistic taboos.'

'I would argue that if one discards the heteronormative perspective in approaching male sexuality and sensuality; there is a wide universe of brilliant artistic expression of the male nude waiting to give us the range of masterpieces and soaring inspiration and sensual beauty primarily associated with female nudes. From a homonormative artistic perspective, the penis, both flaccid and in various stages of tumescence can and should be an easy and normal part of the expression of who we are.'

'My newest model, Tyler, is an extraordinary gift, a smart, sweet, gentle man completely uninhibited when talking about and expressing his own sexuality. You could say he’s always horny; in fact, I think he says that about himself.'

'But whether it was his intention or not, Tyler helped me to accept that arousal and tumescence are a significant and substantial part of our artistic story as men. And as men, I believe, we cannot achieve full self-realization until we free ourselves from so-called heternormality and the perspective that confuses insecurity and psychosis with male sexuality. Rape is violence, not sex and the male penis in a healthy homonormative adult is pleasure, bonding and community.'

'I am well aware that I’m taking a very controversial and easily contradicted view here. One could shoot it full of holes, but one must also admit that handled in a certain way, tumescence can AND SHOULD play an honest role in queer art.'