Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 20th

Travis by Bob Burkhardt
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Happy Birthday today April 20th

Happy 52nd to actor Shemar Moore!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies!

I've been watching and enjoying actor and comedian Stephen Merchant for years.  I've enjoyed him in many movies and television shows including: The Office, Extras, Hello Ladies, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.  Although Ricky Gervais gets most of the credit for The Office, both he and Merchant co-wrote and co-wrote the original British bersion.

Although I always thought he was incredibly talented and funny, I don't think I ever really saw him as sexy, that is until recently.  On a recent episode of The Graham Norton that I watched, Merchant was one of the guests.  Although he's appeared on the show numerous times, this visit was to promote his new series The Outlaws.

Like The Office, Merchant co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed The Outlaws.  The series aired on BBC One in the UK and airs on Amazon Prime here in America.  Merchant was cute and engaging on the talk show,  couldn't help  but see him a little differently.  I especially loved his Bruce Springsteen story.

Although it only aired for one season, I'm going to check out Merchant's turn in the HBO series Hello Ladies.  Adapted from his stand-up show, Merchant also wrote and produced the series.  I believe the quick butt flash is also Merchant's only on-screen nude scene.

Archivally ASSessed: Travis by Bob Burkhardt

'Travis is very confident in his skin. He also knows how to present his best features.'.

When it comes to men, both in real life, and with FH, what initially arouses my attraction, is a man's face.  I could really care less about the rest of the body if his smile, if his eyes, if his face stimulates my sensual senses.  When it comes to what's below the neck however, after a man's face, I'm next curious about his butt...

When photographer Bob Burkhardt recently shared his work with Travis, I was instantly in lust.  In addition to his handsome face, and alluringly beautiful blue eyes, Travis has one incredible behind.  It wasn't a surprise then that Travis' face and his butt were highlighted in this series of images.  Bob was right that Travis knows exactly how to magnificently present his best features.

After seeing all of the incredible shots Bob was sharing on his Instagram, I got in touch about featuring his work with Travis.  Bob welcomed me sharing their work together but reported that they were from an older shoot from a few years ago.  Because of the pandemic and a back injury he experienced in January Bob hasn't been shooting as much as he'd like to be. 

With some new editing tools however, Bob decided that during his break from shooting, he'd go back into his archives and revisit some of his older shoots. I'm certainly glad that Bob decided to explore and share his work with Travis as I love the images they created together.

I've written before how much I lament when photographers ignore the beauty of the male butt. The lines and curves of the male back and backside are some of the most stunning when creatively photographed.  It's surprisingly common how often this body part is neglected, and how often I get series of penis photos sent on with the rest of the incredible model's physique virtually ignored. 

This is one of the reasons I really love Bob's work, his focus is on the male form in it's glorious entirety.  As you can see from this series of images, Travis and Bob found countless ways to pose and present and to ensure one of Travis' best features was abundantly captured.  It's shocking to think any photographer would have Travis in their studio and ignore such a visually valuable asset. 

Although the shoot was awhile ago, Bob remembers the shoot well.  Travis was one of the first models that Bob photographed when worked for a modeling agency in Atlanta.  There first shoot wasn't the easiest as they shot outside in North Georgia on a freezing cold February day.  Travis was wearing only a speedo and was shivering throughout.  

Despite the challenges of that outside shoot, Bob enjoyed his work with Travis and was struck by the easy charm he had about him. Both describes him as both friendly and outgoing.  Travis also enjoyed working with Bob and was eager to work with him again, this time, independent from the agency and their shoot requirements. 

When they got together the next time, both model and photographer were free to creatively explore. This time they also shot in a heated studio, and without the speedo.  There wasn't really a need for much wardrobe, none below the waist anyway...  Except for a grey hoodie, and the tight red t-shirt featured here, little else was required. 

'When I first met Travis I was struck by how handsome he was, and that winning smile. The shoot was very relaxed and Travis was definitely comfortable in his own skin. He has an outgoing personality that I think is evident in his posing. '