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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 26th

Jake by Studio1x
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Bottom to the Top

Varsity Leap!

'All freshmen are more or less obliged to participate if they are a member of the winning university rowing club.'

One of my favorite pieces on the site, and one of my favorite cmnm/cfnm images series is my 2019 piece entitled The Final Race. (HERE:) The post was in part, a tribute to photographer Ewoud Broeksma who had sadly passed earlier that year.  Although Ewoud is renowned for his studio shoots and images of athletes, he also visually chronicled the Dutch varsity leap.

Given I'm currently focusing on some of my favorite cmnm shoots, I decided to revisit the annual event and look for other images from past years of the leap.  Although I did find a few additional shoots from Ewoud, most of the new shots I found were from others and found on websites and news sites that covered the event.  Check out some of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Death Toll

'I Don't Want To Alarm You, But Something Very Sinister Is Going On Here.'
Jessica Fletcher

Some FH readers may remember my writing about having to get a new cable provider when I moved this past spring.  There are so many changes when you move, the last thing you need is an entirely new channel line-up and having to read a guide book just to find what channel the local evening news is on.

Trevor St. John (r)

I haven't had many nights free to watch television, and when I do, it's usually a on a streaming service, but I do often have the television on as background when doing other things.  Soon after my move, I discovered a retro channel that runs old repeats of shows from the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's.  Thus far, I've watched a few episodes of Dynasty, Laverne & Shirley, Cheers, and The Beverly Hillbillies. 

Bruce Abbott (r)

A few weeks ago I discovered the network is also showing Murder She Wrote, and have dived into a few episodes in place of sit-coms as my nightly go-to-sleep medicine.  Although not a comedy, it's a relaxing way to nod off, even not knowing the ending, it's clear that Jessica Fletcher is going to solve the case.

Jim Caviezel

Angela Lansbury is a soothing presence, and I quickly discovered there's almost a pattern to their weekly guest cast.  There's always a few older characters, and usually at least one younger hottie included in the mix.  The show used both older, out of work actors, as well as up and comers to round out the lists of victims and suspects.  I suspect, all came willing to accept the small salary I'm sure was offered to those in need of work and exposure. 

Ross Kettle

I watched a few episodes of the show in the 90's with my parents, but only a handful.  The network airing the show was on season 11 when I started watching, and I'm hoping they return to season 1 after this series of episodes end.  In amongst the B and C listers were a group of hotties, some of which I've featured on FH in the past, some of whom I may research for the future.

Shea Farrell

Maybe most notable was actor Jim Caviezel in the season 11 episode Film Flam.  This episode was filmed in 1995, early in Caviezel's career,  at a time he was using James and not Jim as his credit.  Jim, (James) was really good looking and earnest in the episode, too bad his he's gone off the rails by boarding the Trump train...

Jsu Garcia

Mystery Man?

In the last episode I saw, Murder in Tempo, there was an actor who grabbed my attention with his handsome face and 90's hair.  Spoiler alert, he was the shows victim, and death did indeed become him.  Still, his murder happened late in the show, and he made it through most of the episode.  

Of course I had to do a Google and IMDB check.  This of course was followed quickly by a little research to see if he'd ever done a nude scene.  He had... Pick up your flashlight and your magnifying glass and see if you can solve who the Mystery hottie is and check out his nude scene on the NEXT PAGE HERE: 

Just Stooling Around: Jake by Studio1x

'Jake isn't a model and doesn't have an OnlyFan. This shoot was more for himself, to have that special experience and to see what modeling was all about. '

Earlier this month, I introduced FH readers to Jake, and his work with Jim from Studio1x.  (HERE:) In the first piece, Jim shared that this was not only Jake's first time shooting fully nude, it was also his first modeling experience ever.  Jake has a great body, and along with a little direction with  Jim, was a natural in front of the camera.  He seemed to know organically how to pose and how best position his body so Jim could get just the right angles.

Kake didn't just want to experience what it was like to model nude, he wanted the complete experience.  This including pushing his boundaries, and trying out many different looks, and experimenting with many different themes.  Given it was his first shoot, Jim ensured to have a few props for Jake to use if needed.  Many models, especially when shooting nude, find props a great way to focus and relax.

As you can see, one of the props Jim had on hand was a bar stool for Jake to pose with and of course on.  Jake didn't require much prompting and knew exactly how to sit, straddle and utilize the stool.  Another prop Jim brought out was a huge piece of rope.  

Jim shares that Jake really enjoyed working with the rope, and the feel of the rough natural fibers against his bare skin.  He liked it so much in fact, Jim thinks he developed a new kink, one he expressed wanting to explore further in the future.

Often, modeling nude for the first time, and experience of being exposed and vulnerable in front of a relative stranger, can be an emotional and cathartic experience.  So many models have shared what a life changing and empowering their experience was.  

'During a shoot guys sometimes open up and tell me story's about their life. Jake has faced many obstacles in his young life. I think the best part of working with Jake was after the shoot, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said thank you, this was the best thing that has every happened to me, I felt so wonderful during the shoot. '
Jim, Studio1x

As stated, Jake wanted the full experience, clothed shots, underwear and implied, and full nudes.  He also wanted to explore his sensual side with erotic and erection shots.  As we're all aware, we're not always in full control with the outcome of an erection.  Sometimes they dimmish naturally, other times they don't and a release is required.  You can check out to see whether Jake's shoot ended with a catch, or with a release in Part 2 on the NEXT PAGE HERE: & Part 3 on The OVER-FLOW HERE:

Art of Glass