Friday, October 13, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 14th

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Happy Birthday today October 14th

Happy 64th to both BJ and his Bear!

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Too Much Purple?

Halloween Costume Option #1

Suntown Photo: Briley in the Buff

Suntown Photo has shot many incredible looking men, but one of my favorites has to be Briley. I have featured a few shots of Briley in some of my previous posts featuring Suntown's work, but really wanted to give Briley a bit more attention that he so beautifully deserves.

Briley is incredibly sexy for sure, but he also has an engaging and welcoming every man quality which I think adds to his charm. The UK based model has a great body for sure, but his handsome face and sexy smile are the delicious looking icing on a mouthwatering cake. In front of Suntown's lens, Briley comes across as so natural, no pretence or attitude, just a hot guy hanging out and enjoying himself.

Briley's personality and enjoyment is infectious and one of the reasons so many love his images. Briley is also incredibly popular on Suntown's ONLYFANS site, and there are several photo sets featuring Briley dressed and undressed, outside on location and in the shower, one of Suntown's favorite locations to shoot. These are a few highlights, and some of my favorite shots, but you can check out more HERE:

Utah 2017: Ignition

Mike Tossy

'All chemical reactions must begin with Ignition. To ignite means to 'catch' or 'connect'. To arouse or inflame. It could be an emotion or situation and in some actual fire. The ignition stage consists of an increase of heat, and the rising of temperature until it eventually combusts.'


Ignition may not be the hottest part of a burn, but it can be one of the most exciting. It's early part of most reactions and most things are still new, waiting to be explored. In relationships, this is the getting to know you stage. In photography, this is the building of connection. Connection between both each model, and  also between the model and artist. In the case of Lake Powell, it is also the exploration of surroundings and the beginning of the bond between the man his surroundings. The sights, smells, sounds and fell of the organic playground they are temporarily inhabiting.

'Funny, I spent 5 days on Lake Powell convinced I was channeling, the late, Jim French (aka Rip Colt). But since I came home I've been unable to find any evidence that Jim ever shot at Lake Powell. I did get close, one of Jim's shots from Opus Deforum that was taken in the Tahquitz Canyon is reminiscent in setting. I think I was more likely channeling Roy Dean's In Search of Adam, which was shot in and around Glen Canyon just as Lake Powell was filling for the first time. In any case I would be honored to be thought of, even occasionally, in such august company.'

'If I was channeling Jim French or Roy Dean, there is no doubt I was inspired by Yorgen and Devin. Devin is the amazing Devin Franco, an exclusive with Lucas Entertainment, who is even more handsome and delightful (How this possible?) in person than he is on video. Yorgen looks like a boyish Colt model. (There is an oxymoron for you!) Both are from small towns and hit it off almost immediately. Their chemistry was wonderful to try and capture!'

Mike Tossy

'The setting is otherworldly with miles and miles of shoreline (nearly 2,000 miles!) carved out of the surrounding rocks and dessert. The predominant color pallet is the yellows, oranges and reds of the sedimentary rocks, with the cool blue lake reflecting the sky above. The location pairs sinuous curves and bold masculine shapes into a magical backdrop for the male form.'

'By far and away, my favorite light to photograph in on the Lake is morning light and this year was no exception. One of my favorite series was photographed in the morning when the air was clear and shadows helped define the ground and rocks.'

Gordon Nebeker

'I'm always more comfortable naked. It's my natural state and when I'm most comfortable. It was great getting to work on my tan without getting tan lines, and there is something special about being naked in nature and out in the open. There were a couple jet skiers that saw me in one of the rock holes I climbed into, but it doesn't bother me if people see me naked. I'm more worried about how they might react. But we had no issues, they carried on with their day and we carried on with ours.'


'I was uncomfortable at first being nude around the area, but having Devin there really helped and he made me feel relaxed as we bared all for anyone to come around the corner and see.'

Gordon Nebeker

'I feel like my chemistry with Yorgen was apparent right away. I was a bit conservative about it the first day because I wasn't sure how he felt, but after our first kiss on camera it was all downhill from there. It definitely made "working" together easy and very enjoyable'

'Devin and I got really close on the trip and it was very easy for us to work together because we connected and had great chemistry. Also, he is sexy as hell and a great kisser so that was just a bonus!'

'We could not have found a better duo of models than Yorgen and Devin Franco this year. We had worked with Yorgen in California a few months ago and already knew he was the perfect balance of charisma, great attitude, mesmerizing eyes, and a classic physique that looks like it was carved in marble by the ancient Greeks. If the response to the book I created after our weekend visit this spring is any indication everyone agrees with me too! For his costar we selected the Lucus Entertainment star Devin Franco. Again we couldn't have done better! Not only were they aesthetically perfect for the lake setting, but they were both into our explorations of the locale! And they certainly got along well...'

Mike Tossy

'As the shoot went on, the challenge became one of keeping them apart when more distance seemed called for. But there were no complaints from us photographers. It was a real privilege to be able to photograph the development of emotions and natural attractions that they felt towards each other. This wasn’t acting and the photographs reveal that and are so much better for it.'


Camp fire's burning, camp fire's burning
Draw nearer, draw nearer,
In the glowing, in the glowing
Come sing and be merry