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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 20th

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Favorite Import of the Day: Matthias Ludwig

I didn't really know much about Berlin based actor Matthias Ludwig until I saw some caps of him on the DreamCaps forums.  The caps were from Nihat -Alles auf Anfang, a spin-off from the long-running German soap opera GZSZ.  Matthias looked so hot in the images that I had to find out more.

Ludwig grew up in both Hamburg Germany and also spent time in Canada as a kid. He began studying with various acting teachers as a child at the Acting Coach Studio in Hamburg.  With his talent and good looks, he quickly began working regularly in film and on television.

Clearly also into fitness, Ludwig learned Capoeira, (a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music) stage fighting, an  practiced various martial arts and is also a licensed fitness trainer. In addition to sports, Ludwig's hobbies also include baking  He's also published a baking cookbook entitled Recipes for Being Healthy.

German Car Commercial 2019

Nihat -Alles auf Anfang (2021)

Nihat - Alles auf Anfang is a German miniseries by Dominique Moro and a spin-off of Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten ,

Chains of Love (Ketten der Liebe) 2013

'Hannah sneaks into Paul's apartment to surprise him, but finds that the surprise is on her.'

Chains of Love caps from Simply Restituda

Voyeurism Encouraged: Jordan by Studio1x

'Jim’s very easy going and great to work with. He was an especially good fit for someone like me who hadn’t had a lot of experience in front of a camera before.'

I'm sure many FH readers recognize Jordan.  Jordan, and his work with Jim from Studio1x, helped to end what was a difficult 2020 with his New Year's Eve dance moves. (Pre-Party Pump) Jordan also helped to make Valentines a little hotter posing on a bed of clouds in only a black set of wings. (Passionately Wicked)

Regular readers are aware that Jim often shoots holiday imagery to share on the site.  I always look forward to seeing both the concepts he creates, and the models he chooses to bring his vision to life.  Jordan was certainly one of my favorites.  Jordan has an incredible body for sure, but I was especially drawn to beautifully expressive face and eyes.  I also found the blush of red on his cheeks especially sexy.

Since beginning modeling last year, Jordan has certainly become more confident in front of the camera.  He's work with several other of my favorite photographers and I've enjoying checking out his new work on his Instagram. Given his abundance of new work, and the positive reception from viewers, Jordan recently decided to open an OnlyFans to share content he's unable to share on social media sites.  I asked Jordon a little about his experiences the past year, and what viewers can expect if they check out his OnlyFans.

What motivated you pursue modeling? 
I started modeling to have a side income. I then started feeling empowered and motivated to get in better shape and better myself 

Was nude modeling initially part of the plan? 
It all started with underwear. By the end of the first shoot I was doing nude modeling. I was never really that concerned with modeling nude, I just didn’t expect it to be so fast.

How nervous were you the first time you did a nude shoot?
I was a little nervous but after figuring out some of the poses and learning to fluff under pressure, it got easier over time 

Who was the photographer? 
Artie Photography. He’s also the one who through social media introduced me to Studio1x. Art messaged each of us and told us to get in contact. Since then we have done a couple shoots together. Plans for more in the future 

Do you have any boundaries you stick with for photoshoots? 
I enjoy solo shoots and shooting with female models.  Although the most frequent question I get asked is if I plan on shooting with another male model.. For now,  I think I'm sticking with what I'm most comfortable with.

What motivated you to start an OnlyFans? 
A lot of guys on social media have asked to see me naked. I thought it would be an easy way to make some side cash and voyeurism has never really bothered me so I thought why not encourage it and make some money.  I’ve wanted to get into porn for a while and this is kind of my personal way since I’ve worked with one other content creator and plan to work with more videos.

What can those who join expect to see?
My OnlyFans is the unrated version of my Instagram. You see me in underwear here. There it’s me in some similar poses but nude. As well there are video  that I’m still working on. I have solo vids and I have vids of me with a girl. I try to keep up on posting there and cut my joining fee in half hoping to accommodate everyone who might like to check it out I haven’t had any private clips or pics advertised there, when you join you see anything I plan to post. Also take suggestions and do personals and customs there as well 

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