Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 23rd

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for January 23rd Brian Kehoe

I have said before that the only season of Janice Dickinson I have seen was season 1. I can't stand Janice and stopped watching. I recently caught a few episodes of what I think is season 3, and there is something intriguing and endearing about Brian Kehoe. Between his struggles and his antics he is certainly entertaining, watchable about him. Brian needs another reality show for all the personality he has. Brian turns 23 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for January 23rd Stanislas Merhar

Not sure who could resist the beautiful face, and amazing blue eyes of French actor Stanislas Merhar. Stanislas turns 38 today.

Stanislas in 'Dry Cleaning' (Nettoyage à sec, 1997).

Also Celebrating today January 23rd

Also Celebrating today January 23rd

Norwegian hockey player Jarl-Espen Ygranes turns 30 today.

Pics below of by John Andresen.

Certainly an all time favorite, actor Richard Dean Anderson turns 59 today.

Rutger Hauer turns 65 today.

Athlete of the Day: Per Ciljan Skjelbred

Most of you who check out this blog know I am a huge sports nut. Yes I love a hot athlete, but I also am an advid watcher of hockey and basketball. I also play baseball in the summer. Most of the athletes I post about, I know a bit about, but I had not heard of Per Ciljan Skjelbred until I fell upon some pics of this adorable Norwegian footballer. I have been checking out some videos and he is certainly a talent to look out for. Just 21, he has a long future ahead of him. Per Ciljan already knows how to please his fans not only with his skill on the field but also by doing photoshoots to take advantage of the fan base he is gaining for his appearance. One to watch!