Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol: Update on My thoughts

We all have thoughts on AI if we watch, so I don't expect anyone to give two hoots on my thoughts, but I shall share them anyway.

Some of my feelings have changed since my original post. I am liking most of the females, but not loving any of them. My favorite is Brooke, yet understand she does not quite have the voice to make it to the end. Carly was quite amazing tonight singing Dolly, but she bugs for me for some reason....

As for the guys, I am still in lust with Jason Castro, but Michael Johns has surpassed him as my favorite. He has grown on me with each week, and a few weeks ago, I did not give him much thought, that has changed. I cannot stand David Cook, despite liking some of his performances, he turns me off big time. Although is new hair cut might have also cut a bit of his attitude, he still does nothing for me. I still cannot see the appeal of David Archuleta, I question anyone thinking he is great unless the are a 13 year old girl, or a senior citizen. Certainly I see his vocal talent, but he needs to grow up a bit, I am not watching a Disney Sing Off, and to me he is a cute kid with a great voice, but certainly not anyone I would download or buy a cd of. So it is Michael and Jason for me.

A little while ago I posted on my thoughts
See that post if you have any interest HERE:

Favorite Casting of the Day: Dustin Milligan

I never really watched Beverly Hills 90210 and was not caught up in the Luke and Jason craze, the few times I did watch it, the only character I cared for even slightly was Andrea, played by Gabrielle Carteris. Although I like Jenny Garth, Shannon and Tori made me want to hurl. I do however think the newest hire to the revision of the show, Canadian 23 year old Dustin Milligan is quite a cutie!

Favorite Hunk of The Day:

A little Billy for Tuesday.

Favorite Pic of The Day for April 1st

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 1st Matt Lanter

Manhunt cutie turned actor Matt Lanter turns 25 today.

Also Celebrating Today: April 1st

Happy Birthday also to:

Randy Orton turns 28 today.
(See last weeks Randy post).

Survivors Colby Donaldson turns 34 today.

April Fools?

Still looking forward to the long awaited debut of Alan Ritchson on N2N. The publicity department for N2N did a masterful job of getting the word out via blogs, and the net and slowly let out a couple of pics a week to have us all awaiting seeing Alan. But... It is April 1st, and we were all awaiting their promise of a March start to Alan on the site... Is this just to have us drooling a little longer?

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for April 1st Bobby Johnston

Bobby Johnston, Playgirl, March 1992

Favorite Male Model for the Day: Ambrose Olsen

Love the look of model Ambrose Olsen, has that bad boy stare down.

More Ambrose Olsen