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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 6th

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Happy Birthday today October 6th

Happy 48th Danish model and actor Oliver Bjerrehuus!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Adventures At Sea

October 1985
Adventures At Sea
Photography by Kristen Bjorn

'For centuries, men have been lured to the sea with promises of action and adventure.  This hot looking diver will more than just promise you a deep see adventure, he'll deliver!'

FaVorites: Mark Feuerstein

Actor Mark Feuerstein got his professional start in acting in the mid-nineties with small roles on the soap opera Loving, and guest appearances on Caroline in the City and Fired Up.  His first role on the big screen was his turn as Michael in 1998's Practical Magic

Mark continued to guest on television shows, with memorable turns on Sex and the City as well as playing a bisexual judge on an episode of Ally McBeal.   The actor's brief few minutes in Practical Magic however, were not forgotten by fans, nor by the daughter of director Nancy Myers.  When Myers was making the 2000 Mel Gibson comedy What Women Want, her daughter recognized the actor from his role in Practical Magic, and insisted she hire him.

I've been following his career since, and although I haven't seen everything he's been in, including his role in the long running series Royal Pains, I have been paying attention.  I was really disappointed when his brief run in the 2018 sit-com 9JKL, came to an end.  The sit-com wasn't great, but Feuerstein was engaging and fun to watch, especially in his scenes with Linda Lavin. 

As you can see from this series of shots, Feuerstein takes fitness very seriously, and has participated in many triathlons.  The actor and philanthropist usually swims, bikes and runs for charity events, including the Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon which raises money for cancer research at children's hospitals.

Ok, that crack at on-screen nudity....  well, it's not much for sure, but Mark did show a hint, just a hint, of his well toned ass when he appeared in several episodes in seasons one and two of the ABC family drama Once & Again.  I only wish I could find a better quality copy of the show to cap, but this is the best I could do with what I had. 

Once & Again (2000)

Ally McBeal (2000)

Sex and the City (1999)

Royal Pains (2009-2016)