Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 24th


This week so far has been crazy busy, too busy to devote the time required for a new post. Hoping to get back to normal on Thursday. In the meantime, indulge me with a look back at the top 5 favorite FH posts by the numbers. These may not be the favorite, or most popular posts, but they are the top 5 that drew viewers to the FH via individual hits from google searches. Stats only go back to 2009 but along with my posts on Quinn (above), the following four features drew quite a bit of attention.

Next week, I will attempt to post my top favorites.

The Movie Spiderman: Andrew Garfield

The Movie Spiderman: Andrew Garfield
Oct 30, 2010
6,959 Indiviual Post Counts

With the movies Spiderman heading back to school for the next installment in 2012, it was announced awhile ago that Andrew Garfield would be taking over the role. Garfield was born in Los Angeles but moved to England when he was three. Currently on screen in 'The Social Network', Garfield was a gymnast before training at the Central School for Speech and Drama. When I went researching Andrew, I of course went to Casperfan and Superherofan to see what was under the Spider suit. As always they did not disappoint!

Andrew in Red Riding (2009)

On The Move with Landon B Taylor

On The Move with Landon B Taylor
From: November 13th, 2010
8,199 Individual Page Hits

Landon Taylor has been a favorite of mine since I first saw his work a few years ago. The first shots I saw of Landon were some great shots by photographer Josh Thompson. Landon was featured on FH in the early days after the launch of the blog. Landon lives and works in Las Vegas and has spent the last couple of years singing and dancing in one of the towns biggest shows.

Landon is now putting a focus on his modeling and is traveling and working across the country over the next couple of months. Landon will be in LA Nov 16th-19th. Houston Nov 26th-Dec 13th and in New York City Dec 14-19th. You can see more of Landon on his MM Page HERE:

When checking out Landon's portfolio recently I was drawn to his new work with Eric Scot Photos and Ivan Avila. Landon has a great look with a youthful, boy next door face contrasted with the raw sexuality he exudes in his shots. I love how both Eric Scot and Ivan Avila captured Landon in their recent shoots.

5 beautiful shots below by Eric Scot Photo.

Below: Landon by Ivan Avila.
Love these shots especially the first shot which has joined my list of top 10 images.

Favorite Import of the Day: William Levy Gutierrez

Favorite Import of the Day: William Levy Gutierrez
From: March 28th, 2009
11,719 Individual Post hits

One of the hottest men on the planets, William Levy Gutierrez is Cuban actor and former model. William grew up in Cuba but moved to Miami when he was 15. Although William always wanted to be an actor, he began as a model. After participating in a few reality shows, William began to pursue acting full time studying in Miami and LA. After some stage work, William worked mostly in Mexican television. Last year William completed his first movie ' Retazos de Vida'. Certainly one of the hottest man I have seen with those 'come hither' eyes, that great face and amazing body. Check out William's official site HERE:

William for N2N.

The pic above is one of my favorites. That smile kills me!

Culmination: Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel

Culmination: Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel
13,981 indvidual hits 2011/2012

Model Search 2011 Winner:
Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel

Last fall, FH, along with photographer Chris Teel, launched our Model Search 2011. For 6 weeks models sent in their shots and info and in December Chris Teel, model Corey Kirk, actor Brandon Ruckdashel and myself narrowed down the applicants to a final top 10.

Throughout December the voting was fast and furious with two candidates in particular getting the lions share of the votes. In the end, 21 year old Matt Eldracher from Windsor Ontario took the crown.

His adorable face and lean body, not to mention his charm, gained Matt many fans. In March of this year Matt traveled to Toronto and he and Chris Teel shot on the 15th of March. Model and photographer shot several themes (some of which you will have to wait and see on Chris' site). Matt proved to be a natural in front of the camera. Also an actor and dancer, Matt used his skills to help complete Chris' creative vision and the results as you can see are both sexy and incredibly beautiful.