Saturday, June 13, 2009

Favorite Birthday Boys for June 13th

Happy Birthday Today June 13th to:

One of Stade's cutest, Arthur Garrigue turns 26 today.

Yeah, you have seen all the pics below before, but they are still some of my faves of Chris Evans who hits 28 today.

Last pic via Casperfan!

Actor Julian Gil turns 39 today.

The Walton's Richard Thomas turns 58 today. (Yeah I know Richard is an accomplished actor beyond The Waltons, but he will always be John Boy to me).

Just Because: Dustin Lance Black

Now I don't want to be a Hypicrite. Obviously I love great shots of beautiful men. But I try with this blog to just not showcase beauty on the outside, but as well beauty on the inside. I also try to spotlight talent and focus on the positive. I try not to bash (although I know in some postings about tv shows and movies I have certainly given negative reviews). In some ways this blog was started as a response to my seeing mainly negative blogs about celebrities and men in the media. Mean spirited blogs where some simply just seemed to want to tear others down.

That is why I am so pissed that so many gay blogs and posters are posting the pictures which just came to light of Dustin Lance Black. I saw them on a site. I looked yes! Dustin is a great looking guy. But...these pics are surfacing in a very ugly way, without Dustin's consent. I see this story and these pictures as very different than those of others like Colin Farrell whose pictures hit the net.

Dustin is not an actor, he is a writer and producer. Not only that, he is a writer and producer of gay themed movies and tv shows. Dustin's acceptance speech at this years Oscars brought tears to my eyes. Dustin, was/is and inspiration and role model. It is sad to me to see the same bloggers who this past February appauded the man and wrote about his positive impact on the community now shoving him down simply because they can now see his penis. Look if you must, but what does it in a meam that in a matter of a few months.... we tear down one of our own heroes. We do not have that many that we can afford to lose one. Save the pics to the computer if you need to, but I hope many take down the pics. They will not go away completely, but lets show a little respect for the man who spoke so beautifully for many of us on the Oscars, a show that reached millions across the globe.

Favorite Hunk of The Day: Peabo Powell

Beautiful Peabo Powell is not just a model. Peabo is also an actor, writer, producer and musician. Even at a young age Peabo manages to juggle all of his passions and the results are amazing. When first looking at Peabo I was struck by those amazing blue eyes. When researching more about him I was impressed by how hard this guy works to live a Christian life within an industry which must make it difficult. Peabo may be know to some of you when he was selected as one of the finalists in VH-1's 'In Search of The Partridge Family' back in 2004. (even with the red hair, he reminds me more of Chris). Since then Peabo has been in several movies and tv shows. Besides modeling, Peabo also is taking control of his acting career by writing and producing his own projects. You can find much more about Peabo at his Website HERE: Great site with tons of pics and info.

(Note: Some of the pics from this post came from the great site Morphosis. I really suggest you give it a look. I am not adding the link however, as everytime I go there my computer freezes up. Not sure if it my computer or something related to the site.)

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 148 lbs
Measurements: 37-30-30
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue

Next four beautiful shots by: Elliot Jimenez

Remaining shot by Slide Photography.