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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 18th


Happy Birthday today April 18th

Happy 64th to actor John James!

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FaVorites: Carsten Gauslow

'I want to become the best version of myself and knowing that there is always room for improvement keeps me hungry and motivated.'

The Champ by Joseph Lally

Carsten by LegacyPhotography

Back Issues: Viva 1974

February 1974

The Musician 
Photographs by Jeff Dunas

Rhythm.  Nobody's ever given a satisfactory definition of it - but everybody knows it when they feel it.  It's the pulsing of the universe, the heartbeat, the voodoo drums pounding in the Haitian night, the waves crashing on Malibu.  For a musician, it's the language of the universe, the grammar of the soul and he dedicates his life to speaking it with his whole being.

Born twenty-five years ago under the sign of Virgo in Davenport, Iowa, Jon Koehring was brought up in St. Louis Missouri where the blues were born.  A natural musician, he began composing at fourteen when he joined a high school rock band led by his brother. 

'My queen will be a person of warmth and understanding who can share what I see  The shape of guitar reminds me of a woman's body, and I play, I hold it close to me.  I grind against it in the same way I would be balling a chick.'

March 1974

The Actor
Photography by Tim Perior

There's something in the Pacific atmosphere that forces you to be free.  At twenty-nine, Joe Calucci, the Cleveland-born Sanitarian is a longtime Californian who's traveled widely, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, and the forests of the Northwest, but Joe maintains his permanent address in Hollywood near Sunset strip.

Joe Calucci is constantly on the go.  he takes whatever odd jobs come his way, four years of truck driving have superseded by house painting, bricklaying and intuitive electronic repairs to supplement his life's ambition, acting.

Although a sports addict, Joe's a loner, given to riding and surfing, noncompetitive adventures that let him concentrate on the purity of the action until he reaches a complete continuity of mind and body with the surfboard and the sea, 

'Sex is the one other thing which is most important to me.  You don't have to be in love to have good sex, but I like one-to-one relationships because they're real to me.'