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Favorite Pic of the Day of August 6th

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Aprons Off!

'Restaurant work is like a sport because you have to think quickly and be a team player, otherwise the kitchen doesn’t work'

July was a busy month for me, and I've only just started watching this summer's edition of Masterchef.  I'm only a few episodes in, but crushing hard over contestant, and recent Harvard Grad, 19 year old Nick DiGiovanni.  I cheated, and look ahead, and know he hasn't been eliminated yet, so am looking forward to him whipping up more treats in the kitchen.  DiGiovanni is adorable, and I especially love his stance when facing the judges for their comments.

Next two images by PeterMellekas

Nicholas Squared

Nicholas Cortland

Recently, when cleaning out my e-mails, I found a message from a FH reader asking me to do a piece on couple of Nicholas'.  The e-mail was from last year, and I remember starting a folder, but then getting sidetracked by whatever piece I was working on at the time.

I had heard of Nicholas Clay, and his role in Lady Chatterley's Lover, but didn't really remember seeing anything from Nicholas Cortland.   I enjoyed scouring the net, and getting to know both actors, and their careers better.  Check out my piece on Nicholas Cortland (last piece below), and head over to PAGE 2 to check out several pieces featuring Nicholas Clay, including only his nude scene in Lady Chatterley, but also an earlier nude scene from a decade before.

Nicholas Clay

A Lil Somethin' Somethin': Benjamin by Lights On Studio

Somethin' Somethin'
Something, only sexier. Almost invariably found in the phrase "...a little somethin' somethin'..." because a LOT of somethin' somethin' would be too much of a good thing.

It's always fascinating to me to think about why certain images, and especially why certain models, have an impact on me.  It's fascinating, because it's not always about a pose, or an image, or even the looks of the model  It's not even directly about personality, although personality certainly plays a role.  It's more a quality, a certain somethin' somethin'  some models have, and perceptive photographers are able to capture.

I use the word perceptive, as it's not just the visual, but the combination of what's seen, and what's felt when seeing it.  That's exactly what happened when I first saw Tom Nakielski's (Lights On Studio) work with Benjamin.  Some of you may remember a naked Benjamin, cover in chicks, baby chicks, for two FH pieces from this past Easter. (HERE:)

Because of my love of holiday imagery, when a holiday is approaching, Tom will often throw out an idea he has for a shoot, and maybe send on an image of the model he is planning on shooting with.  When Tom sent on a couple of shots of Benjamin, I was totally on board.  He had a great face and body, and the most beautiful brown eyes.  Those 'sampler' shots however, didn't prepare me to seeing Tom's final images.

There was something incredibly hot to me about how Benjamin came across in the shoot.  How he seemed to have so much fun with the concept, how smooth he appeared doing his best Fred Astaire impression in his white tux, and how sexy he looked holding, and having those baby chick play upon his beautiful behind.

Not all male models would have the skill, let alone the interest, to strip down and play with baby chicks for an Easter shoot.  That's why some concepts, and specific photographers, cane bring out that certain somethin' somethin is the models they shoot.   There are some great shots on Benjamin's Model Mayhem page, but Tom's images captured a charming, suave sexy side of Benjamin that I really loved.

When Tom sent on the Easter images, he also shared that he and Benjamin captured some non-holiday shots.  Tom wanted to take advantage of having Benjamin in the studio and shoot some other themes.  After the Easter baskets were put away, and the chicks were safely back in their cardboard box, Tom wanted to switch to a more figure study focus, and some pin-up style images with Benjamin.

'It was fun working with Benjamin and the baby chicken on this collaboration.  Usually, after I do a themed session, I like to get into a different mode and do some play with the light and some more dynamic and sensual posing. I love creating scenes with dramatic lighting and poses. The session is free-flowing. There is a feel in the air of artistic creativity. Benjamin was keen on the light play, and he has a physique that is perfect to sculpt with light. We were both attuned to the creative forces in play. What fun!'

Blast From the Past: Nicholas Cortland

Nicholas Cortland's career began on soaps in the early 50's, and in the next twenty years, he had only a handful of roles before maybe his most famous, in the 1972 horror film The Frogs.  I think I have a memory of watching The Frogs on TV when I was a kid, I can't say for sure, but when I found a copy to watch for this piece, there was something it about that seemed oddly familiar.  It may have been the Southern Swam location, and actor Ray Milland, in yet another low budget campy classic.  I didn't however, have any memories of Cortland in the film..

When searching for info on the actor, Frogs seems to be the project mentioned the most.  Although Cortland appears shirtless in the promotional image below, I actually couldn't find a shirtless scene in the copy I found, not sure if anyone remembers one.

Frogs (1972)

Although Cortland's television and film career may not be that memorable, he does seem to have made a mark in the theatre. Legendary playwright Tennessee Williams wrote dual roles in his 1976 play 'This Is' with Cortland in mind. Although Cortland never appeared nude on film, (not that I could find) the actor did a few memorable photo shoots for Playgirl, and for the cover of After Dark.

Playgirl, November 1973

After Frogs, Cortland went on to do another handful of roles, most guest spots on network television, ending four years before his death in 1988. Below is a section of his obituary from the New York Times.

'Nicholas Cortland, a stage, film and television actor, died of AIDS on Aug. 21 at his home in Manhattan. He was 47 years old.

Mr. Cortland was born in Rockville Centre, L.I., and was a graduate of Hofstra University. In 1976, he performed lead roles in each of the three productions in the American Conservatory Theater's 10th-anniversary season in San Francisco. At that time, Tennessee Williams wrote ''This Is (An Entertainment)'' for Mr. Cortland, who also starred there in Michael McClure's ''General Gorgeous'' and Edward Albee's ''Tiny Alice.''  Mr. Cortland's longtime companion was Peter R. Kruzan/.