Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

Stefan by Ben Octavius
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Happy Birthday today April 22nd

Happy 61st Mr. Bond, Steve Bond

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Just Because: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

A friends brand new 52 inch (television) brought about another viewing of Jaws this weekend, a movie I could watch over and over. John Williams score magnify's both the terror and the sensational and operatic final act. When I returned home I pulled out my own DVD to re-watch the making-of featurette. A young Steven Spielberg looks quite adorable directing and the story of the films journey from book to summer blockbuster is one of the interesting to explore. Last Christmas my uncle received Matt Taylor's Memories from Martha's Vineyard, a comprehensive and story filled chronicle of the making of the movie. I leafed through the image packed book after he opened it, and borrowed it to read in March. The stories, told first hand from those involved during the films production was a page turner and a fascinating behind the scenes look at the locals, the mechanical shark and the bottom dwellers back in LA fuming at the films ever increasing costs. If your a fan of Jaws, I highly recommend the book.

Knots & Eyes: Stefan by Ben Octavius

‘I consider myself a slim, elegant and quietly confident guy’

When I first featured model Stefan back in 2011, (The Ivy Leagued Himbo) I was intrigued that he used the word elegant to describe his look. Many male models might shy away from that word, but elegance has become an essential ingredient within many of my favorite images and within the work of many of the photographers whose work I love. When shooting the male form, elegance is a way to describe a fluidity of movement, even when a model is in pose and perfectly still. A flow that can be felt, even when not actually seen.

I felt the same fluid grace when first coming upon the work of artist Ben Octavius. The London photographer is just 22, but his images display a beautiful artistry, sophisticated, refined and skilfully elegant. For Ben, photography is a labour of love and he feels fortunate that within his shoots he is able to collaborate with other creative people that share and inspire his vision from start to finish.

I love the contrast between Stefan, his body and skin and the unfinished wood behind him. I love how Ben reflects the light on both wood and skin, in some places, blending one within the other. There is also a beautiful symmetry between the wood grain and the color of Stefan's skin and with ihis body hair. I also love how his eyes and nipples seem almost to balance, and even mirror, the many knots within the wall behind him.

'Working with Stefan was great, he as a great self awareness and It felt very comfortable working together. Hopefully in the future we can work out another collaboration. I have yet to have a bad experience and photography is a wonderful tool for meeting with and interacting with people you otherwise would have never come across.'

The Bottom Line

Hotel hijinks...
Curious as what transpired just before this picture... and what will occur after that door is finally opened.