Sunday, April 3, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 3rd

Above: Kris by Robert Colgan.
-See More of Robert's work below-

Check out todays birthday boys for April 3rd: Lee Williams & Adam Scott HERE: Matthew Goode, Jean-Marie Bisaro, Will Mellor, Jamie Bamber and Alex Baldwin HERE:

The Place to be Tonight: Broadway Bares: Solo Strips

If you're in New York tonight the place to be is at Splash on 50 West 17th Street. There two my favorite Broadway men, Dave August & Charlie Sutton (see below) along with Tony Guerrero (West Side Story international tour, Broadway Bares 19, 20), Tyrone Jackson (Baby It's You!, Broadway Bares 19, 20), Andy Mills (Memphis), Brandon Rubendall (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Broadway Bares 20), Kellen Stancil (The Lion King), Rickey Tripp (In the Heights, Broadway Bares 17, 18, 20) and Matthew Skrincosky (Broadway Bares 16-20) will be on stage for Broadway Bares Solo Strips!

Below Dave August (see more of Dave on FH HERE: & HERE:

Broadway Bares: Solo Strips, Michael Lee Scott catches spring fever and returns for a special edition. Find out more HERE: Hopefully some great videos to follow!

Charlie Sutton: See more of Charlie on FH HERE:

Below: Charlie (left) in last years BB peforming 'the bank'.

Brett Gleason 'Futile & Fooled’

'Gleason’s first solo effort, ‘The Dissonance’ is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the dark electronic presence of Trent Reznor with the earnest, piano-based pop of Ben Folds. From Brooklyn by way of Long Island, Brett discovered a love for music at young age after an accident left him with a severe speech impediment, causing him to spend his free time alone with music and books. Later, he would attend the New School University in New York where he studied writing and music. In 2010, Gleason made his debut with the EP ''The Dissonance', which he performed and recorded himself.'

'Brett Gleason is the kind of revolutionary that is so far ahead of his time, and so different to anything around, that he may perhaps only be fully appreciated in the future, when he is recognized for pushing the boundaries of music further than anyone before him.'
-Lukas Clark Memler, Get Frank-

It was last April that I was first introduced to the music of Brett Gleason. I was doing a post on a photo shoot he did with the wonderful Nicholas Smith (Brett Gleason by Nicholas Smith). As I usually do when I am working on a post about a musician I had Brett's music playing in the background. Although I connected instantly to Brett's lyrics. The sound the style were new to be and the connection a bit more of a struggle to find. I think part of this is Brett's aim. He seems to challenge his listeners to listen to something new, something you cannot easily hum to, something that does not allow your mind to drift. Brett is not creating something for the background of your life it has to be front and center, Brett makes music you're actually forced to listen and pay attention to. The more I wrote about Brett the more his experiences, his pain, the life of solitary contemplation filled with music lessons and literature he discusses, the tighter the connection became. Some connections are made easily but when they do occur they often become the strongest.

All images of Brett in this post from photographer Walt Cessna.

'He's really a pleasure to shoot with, very prolific, CONSTANTLY shooting, he's definitely a big presence in the underground NYC art scene (I call him the 'Nan Goldin of the 21st Century!)'
Brett Gleason

I am a big fan of Cessa's work, it is perfectly matched with Gleason's music. Both express that mix of pleasure and pain associated with being raw and exposed. Check out more of Walt Cessna on his tumblr page.

Just Becase: Winning? Not exactly....

'Charlie Sheen was heckled, booed and eventually abandoned by the crowd at his inaugural stage show, with many of the audience members chanting "refund" and heading for the exits even before the show abruptly ended.'

Full Story:

I am not exactly happy Sheen's first night was a mini disaster but I do think ultimately losing, not winning might be his best chance at turning his life around.