Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite Broadway Actor of the Day: Patrick Wilson

Continuing my Tony countdown with my favorite Broadway Actors, today is one of my favorite actors on stage, on tv or movies, Patrick Wilson.

I could post on Patrick Wilson every day, between that smile, that singing voice, that bod, Patrick is one of my all time favorites. Oh how I would have loved to have been in New York in 2000 when Patrick was on Broadway doing The Full Monty. Patrick was also nominated for a Tony for this role. I always hoped PBS would have filmed this for tv, but alas, no luck unless someone knows differently. Anyway, I could watch Patrick in anything, he is so good, but the closest we seem to have is the 2000 Tony Award performance which I am sure any Patrick fan has seen before, but I added it below. Quality is better than my old VHS version. Anyone lucky enough to have seen this show 8 years ago?

Thanks to the Great Dewey for the last pic.

Some pics from a wonderful Patrick Site found HERE: Thank you!

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Favorite Birthday Boys for June 10th

Todays favorite Birthdays are:

Actor Shane West turns 30 today.

Former Dutch soap opera actor turned producer and tv big wig Oerlemans Reinout turns 37 today.

Actor Doug McKeon turns 42 today. (See previous post on Doug)

Swiss actor Vincent Perez turns 44 today.

Actor Andrew Stevens turns 53 today. (See my previous post on Andrew)

Favorite Sports Guy of The Day: James Toseland

Besides his wonderful habit of jumping on his bike Shirtless, James Toseland, is the reigning World Superbike Champion. Toseland, who lives on the Isle of Man (Sounds like a great place to live...) is also a pianist and singer and performs often with his group 'Crash".

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