Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

For reasons (which I will expand upon when I profile more of the artists work) I am especially pleased to share this beautiful shot of G.P by Manuscript Photography.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Happy Birthday today September 28th to:

Happy 35th to Lenny Krayzelburg! More of Lenny HERE:
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Favorite Yoga Instructor of the Day: Gianni

One To Watch:

So, I am not really a viewer of Mike & Molly but I did record and watch the season premier last night after Melissa McCarthy's fun EMMY win. I have loved Melissa since her time on Gilmore Girls and given all the attention she has been getting (including hosting SNL this week) I decided to give the show ago.

Standard sit-com fare is elevated by a talented likable cast led by Melissa and the incredible Katy Mixon. The highlight of last nights episode was the appearance of yoga instructor Gianni. At first glance I thought the incredible face belonged to Alex O'loughlin who I thought might have been making a guest appearance. Further inspection had me googling until I found that although the actor did have a 'ghlin' in his last name, the letters belonged at the end of the oh so hot actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin. Coby has been a regular on several tv shows including The Game, Women's Murder Club and Undressed and is without a doubt, one to watch!

Just Because: Commercials

With the invention of the DVR television commercials are basically a thing of the past for me. I love being able to fly through an hour long show in 18 minutes (sometimes less...). I do have fond memories of commercials as a child however, sometimes more the shows themselves, certain commercials remind me of certain times of our lives. There are two commercials currently running that both have made an impact on me, and I am sure of few of you.

Dairy Queen

Actor, writer and trapezer (yes trapezer) John Behlmann is so damned adorable and engaging I get a hard on every time I drive by a Dairy Queen. I am not even an ice cream guy but thoughts of blizzards and dipped cones have all now weaved together with thoughts of John. This talented actor has a long resume of television and stage work and the as the Dairy Queen guy, I could watch his commercials over and over! Join John on Facebook HERE:

And, on the flip side...

Weight Watchers
Every time the Jennifer Hudson weight watchers commercial comes on I, the most non violent person on the planet, want to find a gun and pull an Elvis on the television screen. I like Hudson, her talent is beyond, but this commercial seems to be on a loop playing to the point even the most dedicated of weight watchers members must be grabbing for the ruffles.

Raymond Meza: 'I sell SEX!'

Collaboration is essential in almost any job, any task and most certainly any art form. Visions however, although created and completed by many, always begin with just one person. within his work, Raymond Meza is that person. The photographer believes that a models job is to be the canvas and the great models are able to take on any form of art.

'I sell SEX... its pretty much in all my work. whether i have you dripping in tar or wrapped in freezing water.'

Below: Austin Uku

At just 23, Raymond is clear what his vision is but instead of long explanations as to what that is, he prefers to let the work speak for himself. To me, Ray's work taps into something the best chroniclers of erotica and sensuality instinctively know. Without a penis in sight, Raymond uses his creativity, his imagination to tap into small moments, ones we call can identify with, to create the sexual energy within his images.

Below: Cameron Brett

Check out more of Raymond's work on MM HERE: & see more of his work on his Facebook Page HERE:

Below: Charles Montreuil

Below: Christopher Perry & Nick William Taylor

Below: Mike Jessie

Below: John Castelo