Sunday, June 22, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 23rd

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Happy Birthday today June 23rd

One of my favorite images of Birthday boy Steve Sandvoss by photographer Tom Clark

Check out more of Tom's work with Steve HERE:
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Naked News...

Bay City man mowed lawn in the nude, charged with misdemeanor!

About 6:51 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21, police headed to city's Banks District after someone called 911 to report he was mowing his lawn naked. The responding officer was told a man and his teenage son were visiting his mother-in-law in the neighborhood and that they were in her back yard when they heard a lawnmower start up.

"Then the guy came walking out and started cutting his lawn in the nude, I yelled at him and told him that he needed to put some clothing on. I don't need to see that!"

The mother-in-law, told the officer that a similar incident happened the week beforehand when the man mowed his lawn wearing only lady's stockings.

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Rock Hard!

Sunday night some of the most talented and hottest men of Broadway are getting together for 2014's Broadway Bares 24, Rock Hard. I have been covering Broadway, and many of my favorite stage actors, dancers and singers since the blog's inception. If you click on the stage link below you will be transported back to seven years of features, including dozens on previous Broadway Bares. Many of the videos are sadly gone, but many great ones remain.

Many of the men I have profiled are hitting the stage, and removing their clothes tonight in New York. Mark Douglas, Sidney Erik Wright, Dave August, Brandon Rubendall and Ricky Schroeder are just the tip of the rock hard iceberg. Looking forward to the images and videos which are sure to follow!

One of my favorite number from BB's, from the year I began the blog, Nick Adams in 'Pan' from the 2007 edition of Broadway Bares

Kedori : Lets Try It Naked...Or With Paint Poured All Over You?

'Kedori is a Canadian physique model based in Sydney Australia. His obsession with the gym, and sculpting his body, makes him the ideal subject for photographers.'

The above description from Kedori's site and facebook page does a decent job of describing the surface. The Australian models obsession with the gym has obviously led to incredible body; strong, fit and camera ready. It is also a body able to move and create beautiful bodyscapes and moments of movement photographers have skilfully frozen in time.

At FH however, you know how I love to peel just a little below the surface. Then...maybe just a little below that. Although Kedori's images express an unyielding strength and confidence, behind his Greek God like body, his magnificently structured face and piercing brown eyes, there is much much more. Like the rest of us, Kedori is a man with insecurities, passions and creative desires that I wanted to find out a bit more about. I think my curiosity began with the first image of Kedori that I saw. (the fire extinguisher pic 6 images below) Although much of Kedori's images are planted firmly in fitness and physique, this images was planted firmly in creative fun and told me there was much more to this modern Adonis than just the amazing good looks...

How it began?

'I arrived at a point in my life where I figured I was not going to get in any better shape and would like some photographs taken as proof later down the road. My friend had told me about her profile on ModelMayhem so I decided to put a profile on (yes I was one of those guys with photos taken with a point and shoot, on a timer). Luckily my shots where not too bad, and I was approached by my first professional photographer: PhotographybyRudi. I replaced my “selfies” with his shots and received more attention from there…'

Favorite experience modeling thus far?

'I had the chance to work with a young photographer named Rhiannon Jansma, who needed a model for her end of School project. Her ad on ModelMayhem had the disclaimer: You must be comfortable with having paint poured on you. When would I ever get that chance again? We did 2 separate takes, one with white paint and then the second with black – having bucket after bucket of paint poured on me. It is still one of the projects that I am most proud of.'

The Worst?

'I volunteered as a body painting model for a woman that was finishing her make up course. Her idea was an Evil Tinman with the Wizard of Oz being the inspiration. I ended up being painted a blotchy matte grey with a few black lines to represent hinges. I didn’t even want copies of the photos that were taken at the end.'

'I did a couples shoot with a Japanese model Yuki, we had never met each other before the shoot. When she arrived we were introduced and went straight into attempted to getting into the first pose. She kept slipping on my pants, stopped and said “Let’s try it naked”… and we were naked for the rest of the shoot.'

Images above from James Demitri Photography

3 images below from Kudos Photography

Experience On ModelMayhem?

'ModelMayhem has been good to me, as I have met almost every photographer through the website. I think the strangest request I have had through MM was a female model that asked me “what’s your stance on penetration?” Via a different website I had a photographer ask me to work with him – when I did a bit of research online I found some of his shoots included masturbation (to completion). To each their own, but not the shots I am looking to post on-line.'

Off With His Clothes?

'I came into modelling wanting to get physique photos taken, so I expected to be doing implied nude shots from the start. I think the only thing that I have ever had to take into consideration was that I was a manager in one of the departments for one of the big banks in Australia. I didn't know how they would react if they had found out. I don’t work for them any more so we will see how far I take it from here...'

Rules For Shooting?

'I just want to make sure that everyone involved is having fun, and not doing anything that they didn't want to do. I never want to do a shoot that would be considered degrading to anyone involved or to people viewing it (though you can’t please everyone). I have accepted my niche in the market and know that most projects will include nudity, and I am ok with that.'

Photography by Rudi

Additional factors which come into play when shooting nudes with another model?

'I have two big fears when it comes to working with other models:

As you can see by my photos I am not the youngest model online. I know I get judged by the photos that are posted (and the photographers I have worked with have made me look great). I just worry that I am going to show up and they are going to see me and be disappointed. Luckily it doesn't seem like anyone has been disappointed so far.

The second fear would be getting aroused. I have had the opportunity to work with some very beautiful and sexy women, and have been in some pretty intimate poses. As I had just met the model you don’t want to put them in an awkward position. I have been lucky that nothing has ever gotten out of control.'

As for future goals,  Kedori hopes to get involved in another professional full body paint project. His positive experience with couple shoots has also led to a desire to do more, especially ones with a focus on great bodyscape work and lighting. I think Kedori can count on being busy as there is an energy and flare that he brings to his work that shines through in so many of his images. Kedori is the complete package, great body and look, and a great attitude with his humility and consideration of others only adding to the many reasons why he would be such a great person to work with.

'It would be fantastic if this lead to money and a career but I am still very realistic. As long as photographers and other models are happy to work with me I am happy to use this as an artistic outlet. It would be great to get published some day… I have been blessed to work with so many talented photographers that have helped me with my facial expressions and posing. A big thank you goes out to everyone that I have worked with.'