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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 16th

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Happy Birthday today October 16th

Happy 58th to actor Tim Robbins!

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Facts About Favorites

From 2009 through 2012, FH did a feature entitled Favorites of Favorites. In the series, I sent on a series of questions to some of my favorites actors, models and celebrities concerning some of their favorites. Model Trevor Adams, (above) Broadway's Nick Adams and Dave August, Reality's Will Wikle and Reichen Lehmkuhl and Mario Cantone were a few of the celebrities who took part.

I ended the feature in 2012 for a couple of reasons, the main being that my favorite questionnaire had now become a part of almost every interview that I conducted. I found it a great way to get some great quotes and info for the stories I was writing. The second reason I stopped had to do with a few of celebrities I had asked. I was trying to include a woman in the mix and reached out to 3, all of whom replied enthusiastically with a yes. One, a comedian, never got back to me after her yes. One, a singer, wrote back many times with excuses about not getting back to me. The third, a 90's sit-com star, sent the first three answers back, saying the rest to follow, then blocked my e-mail so they all came flooding back. I was more disappointed than bothered, but would have preferred to have gotten no response, or a flat no, than the instant 'yes', without any follow-up.

Ten: FaVorites from studioAtruong


'Needless to say, when I discovered my first DSLR (a Canon), I was besides myself with joy to realize I could wield the apparatus to capture portraits of people. Though I find taking nude portraits of fit, young male models absolutely thrilling, I derive the greatest pleasure from taking pictures of a beautiful face!'


I think one of the best parts of working on FH is 'discovery'. One of the themes I write about when featuring an artist or model is how I discovered them. What image or shoot peeked my interest and had me wanting to see more. The net is filled with images of naked men, but most are quickly scanned by the viewer, and just as quickly forgotten. It is those images, and those artists that have me pause, stop and really look at an image that I reach out to about appearing on the site.


I remember distinctly the excitement I felt after discovering studioAtruong's work. Dramatic and sexy, Alain's focus is not highlighting a specific body part, but the striking lines, curves and shapes of the entire male form. I also loved how many different and creative images Alain was able to capture using minimal props and backgrounds. The first model I featured certainly illustrated this point. I loved so many of Alain's shots of Joey, that I separated them into three different pieces, covering three different looks and themes.


I also loved that Joey was also a discovery for Alain. A model who stood out among so many others at a model at a model boot camp he attended. To celebrate FH's 10th, Alain chose ten of his favorite images from his extensive portfolio. If you're a regular reader of FH, you'll notice many of the models included, including Joey, have been previously featured on the site. If you want to see more, check out studioAtruong's Quarternate post to see all of Alain's work featured on FH.







Ten: Zach Clemens by NICKET

'I'm down like a clown in the underground. In terms of modelling, I'm down with whatever's groovy, and love to learn and experiment'

24 year old Zach Clemens made his FH debut in February 2014 in a two part series featuring his images from studioAtruong. I titled the first piece 'Spark', due to Zach's energy, devilish grin and sparkling and sexy green eyes. Zach lights up in front of the camera with an ease of movement and pose, and the most engaging and adorable facial expressions.

'One of the most striking aspects of working with Zach in the studio is the range of emotions that come through his face. It is also very apparent that Zach's smile is his true personality coming through.'

After those first two pieces, I was craving more of Zach and thankfully California photographer NICKET kept my habit fed with sexy and fun images of Zach from their multiple shoots together. This is my sixth piece featuring Zach, and the forth shot by NICKET. NICKET'S Nicholas got together with Zach for two shoots the past few months, a location shoot in June and this incredibly hot studio shoot from early September.

As always, whether fully dressed, or almost undressed, Zach's energy and brilliant smile fill every shot with sexiness, personality and charisma. I love the many colors NICKET infused with the fashion and vibrant underwear and how beautifully Zach wears, displays, and poses in it.

Zach Clemens on FH: