Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 2nd

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Happy Birthday today July 2nd

Can it really be...this hottie is turning 53?

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Iwan Rheon: Viciously Adorable

PBS has been my gateway to enjoying many of the best of British sit-coms. Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley and Are You Being Served were all shows I fist caught as a kid on PBS. This past Sunday, the networked premiered Vicious, the show featuring Freddie and Stuart, a gay couple who have been living, and fighting, together for nearly 50 years.

The show stars features Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen as Freddie and Stuart and actress Frances de la Tour as their best friend Violet. Although the show was not especially great on the page, the actors, maybe especially Francis, made the 30 minutes fly by with their delivery. I know I have seen Frances before, but I cannot remember where, must have been her Harry Potter appearances but it has been awhile since I saw the films.

Rounding out the cast is an adorable actor many may know from Game Of Thrones and other projects Iwan Rheon. Iwan plays Ash, the cutie who moves into the flat above where Freddie and Stuart reside. Iwan throws the boys into a whirl when he arrives on the scene and it is no wonder. Iwan is a very appealing actor and his character very open to his slew of older new friends. The show began airing last year in the UK but has just now made it to our television screens. If you missed the first episode, PBS has the first two shows on line to preview HERE:

Misfits (2009-2011)

A Room With A View: Kennedy by Ryan Scott

'Waking up with the man I love, making breakfast, taking a long walk with the dog in the city.'

The description of how Kennedy Carter would describe his version of a perfect day sounds pretty ideal to me. The quote comes from an interview, Not That Kid, by the artist behind this set of images Ryan Scott. In the interview, featured on Summer Diary, one of the industries best loved gingers, discusses the ephemeral nature of a career in porn, the challenges of celebrity and what ultimately makes him happy.

Revisiting Ryan's work this past month or so, I have been impressed with the themes and shores he creates and majestic locations he has chosen to set his subject. Last month I featured his work with Woody Fox, hanging naked from the rafters in an old barn. (Hung) Today, another model is high in the air, this time flanked by New York City outside of the windows below.

One of Ryan's goals is exploring the sensual nature of male vulnerability within his work. I love how he has done that in both his work with Woody and this series with Kennedy. Many photographers choose to shoot porn performers exhibiting the persona fans have come to know them by. I love when an artist shows others facets of their personalities, especially parts more easily to relate to.

The New York apartment, and it's panoramic window outlooks are certainly incredible. They balance beautifully, but don't take away from, our focus on Kennedy. His great body, poses and flashes of red are highlighted beautifully by the natural light that cascades and surround him.

The Bottom Line

'A cellist is quite unmistakable. There is a touch of nostalgia that can be recognized like a scar, left from a long battle-often a losing one-against the odds of his instrument. His melancholic disposition is particularly apparent when he has to perform something spirited and gay, often found in passages written in such awkward positions as to make them sound sad enough for tears.'

I love the cello,  and the above quote from Russian cellist Gregor Piatigorsky.  I also love this image, breath taking and parraell's the beautiful solidarity a cellist must accept. If you can help me credit the artist, please let me know. My research only indicates it is an image from an Art Calendar, but nothing on the artist thus far.