Saturday, July 31, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 1st

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Claude Hooper Bukowsk

Check out more of Claude Hooper Bukowsk, (aka John Savage) the next actor up in my Actors & Skin series.  Check out more on the next page of the actor (HERE:) and his scenes of skin. (HERE:

One To Watch:

'I learned very early on in my life that dreams are the entire timeline of goals. If you want to achieve something, map it out, strategize, and make it a goal.'

I know many of you spent a few minutes yesterday watching the trailer for the upcoming House of Gucci. The trailer was really well done.  Adam Driver looked especially hot and I loved the arrangement they used of Blonde's Heart of Glass.  In addition to the big names that the trailer spotlighted, there is another actor in the cast I wanted to take note of. 

Up and coming actor Edouard Philipponnat also has a small part in the film. Some of you might have seen Edouard The Runner, a film released earlier this year.  The French-French actor got the bug when he was 13 after staying up late one night in bed watching The Pirates Of The Caribbean.  Edouard was so taken with the film, and how much fun Johnny Depp seemed to be having, he decided to pursue an acting career.  The next day, he told his father he wanted to go to Los Angeles and a few months later he was on his first audition.  Edouard Philipponnat, one to watch!

Edouard by Stefania Rosini

Artur Dalaloyan: Achilles Heal

'I really want to be helpful to the team, really want to make my contribution to the team result, That's why I'm doing everything for it, I do my best for it.'

I'm sure Artur's sentiment if felt by every Olympic team member, but Russian gymnast Artur Dalaloyan has more of a reason than most to want to get back to contributing to his sport, and to his team. Dalaloyan posted the fourth-best score in the first qualifying session last week just three months after an injury so severe, his foot was bouncing uncontrollably he had to be rushed to the hospital.

The 25-year-old severed his Achilles in training before the European Championships and had surgery in April. He recovered partially and was named to the Russian men's Olympic team.

'I couldn’t control my emotions,” Dalaloyan said through a translator, explaining why he broke down and buried his face in his hands after finishing floor exercise, his second-to-last event. “One side of me was full of joy and confidence. I was kind of proud I could make it, that I could come to this point and do all the exercises all the way I really wanted to.'

Constancia Disciplina: Andres by David Vance

I think it was back in 2009 that I first contacted photographer David Vance about featuring his work on the site.  David kindly responded with both support, as well as sending on new images of model Nathan Wessel, (HERE:) the subject of his 2008 book Muse.  That post remains a favorite of mine.  Not only did I love his images of Nathan, it was also one of the fist times that I touched on the relationship dynamic between and artist and a muse.  I've since explored the creative complexities of the theme with many different models and photographers. 

A few years later, I had the opportunity to interview David while working as features editor for Dylan Rosser's TMF Magazine. The focus of the piece was David's book Jungle Fever.  I remember when I was putting together the piece really struggling to find just the right adjectives to both describe David's work, and do it justice. 

In the end, one of the words that I ended up using was paradisiacal.  I remembered finding and using the word in short story that I'd written when I was in University. I was writing about a mysterious God-like young boy suddenly just appeared in a small rural town.  I remember noticing that I was really overusing the word 'heavenly' and went on the hunt to find some more creative words to describe the young boy's aura. Paradisiacal proved the perfect word, and ended up being the perfect title for the story.

It also proved for me, a fitting descriptor for David's imagery.  David's work elevates his subjects, creating an almost heavenly look and feel.  Through their work, many artists draw out aspects of their subjects personalities.  David, almost appears to draw out a lightness, and pieces of their spirituality.  It goes beyond just the poses used and the branch crowns.  With so many models, including the gorgeous Andres Cardenas, it emanates through their eyes.

As incredibly hot as he is physically, I found myself first drawn to Andres striking face, eyes and beautiful head of curls.  Although David captures every inch of Andres' incredible body within his images, he also wisely ensures that Andres eyes and face remain visible and in focus in every shot.

Speaking of every inch of Andres, I also couldn't help but notice his  tattoo's, especially the words Constancia and Disciplina (Constancy Discipline) placed on each of his his lower legs, just below the knee.  Clearly, Andres adheres to the motto, and their placement on his body, also seems to speak to their significance in how he lives his life.

Are the dynamic shots  of models leaping in the air more dependant on a model's physical abilities, your skill and timing, or a combination of both?

It really is a combination. It takes skill on both sides. Dancers and athletes are usually best because they have more control over their bodies that most models, but I’ve had good luck with inexperienced guys as well, with patience and heavy direction. 

How did you connect with Andres for the shoot? 
He contacted me directly on Instagram. 

What about Andres' look did you first notice?
Of course his great body but I also really loved his hair. Unique.

How much do you plan/discuss theme/set-ups and poses?
Not much. I tend to work best organically, especially if I’ve never met the model in person. 

Is the degree of nudity negotiated prior to the shoot, or was it just a given
Considering my work, most models expect some degree on nudity. Now, especially with Only Fans, models will request certain kinds of shots for their content. 

What stood out to you about your shoot with Andres? 
He’s quite fluid and uninhibited in front of the camera. He also has a very mellow, humble personality. Some models as beautiful as he can be arrogant. 

How much has Covid impacted your work?
It was difficult for me because I’m used to always being busy. Shooting fell of completely for several months. When I was able to shoot, I wore a mask whenever I was near the model. Now things have loosened up a bit, so it’s more relaxed.