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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 22nd

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Well Hung!

Favorite Version of 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do'

'Take cold showers everyday
And throw my life away'

Ok, maybe not my absolute favorite, but certainly the most enjoyable version I've heard for awhile. I remember back in the mid-eighties, I was about 9 or 10 and our family went to the drive-in to see a double feature of Grease and Saturday Night Fever. I was bored for the first half, but loved Stockard Channing, especially when she belted out this song. We left as soon as Saturday Night Fever started, but the music of Grease left an impact and of course asked for, and asked for the soundtrack the next Christmas.

Flipping around Youtube recently, I caught this performance by actor and singer Bobby Conte Thornton filmed at Live at Feinstein's/54 Below in January of 2016. I hadn't heard of or seen Bobby before, so got to googling. With early roles in Les Miserables, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the world premiere of Ken Ludwig's A Comedy of Tenors, Bobby made in his Broadway debut in A Bronx tale The Musical in 2016. This past March, just before the pandemic his, he was due to join Patti LuPone and Christopher Sieber in the new Broadway production of Company.

A Comedy of Tenors (2015)

 I think one of the reasons I was drawn to the performance is that I used the song in a comedic way for several auditions myself when I was in University.  Looking back, I now sort of regret going for the laughs, but it didn't seem a big deal at the time, and worked to get me a couple of roles.  If I were do it today, I would do it more seriously for sure.

Essential Service: Alejo by Mount Photography

'I've tried to shoot with Alejo again but Covid is shit!'

Covid is shit... no truer words.  We've all heard, thought or said this ourselves countless times over the last last.  Covid had impacted almost every aspect of how we live our lives.  Although the arts may not be considered by some to be an essential service, it's the arts that so many of us, especially when the pandemic first began, that we turned to.

I know more than ever, I've depended on good movies, especially classic films that I've collected and enjoy watching a second or third time.  I dove into my favorite sit-coms, listened to my favorite songs and sought out familiar websites that bring me comfort.  Discussion boards with community feels, Leslie Jordan's videos on Instagram and stimulating visuals that for moment, have the powerful ability to distract.

I understand that in the scheme of things images of the male form may not seem that important in fighting a disease, but for so many people, movies, television shows and art, have done more healing than any doctor or therapeutic could possible prescribe or administer.  Mark word's echo what I've heard from so many artists and models, Covid is shit.  The pandemic not only put a halt to shoots, it also shut off the creative outlet so many use to deal with the day to day grind of life.

The good news, is many photographers and models have begun to shoot again.  Masks, social distancing, and trying to shoot primarily outside is now the norm.  Although Mark's plans for a second shoot with the exquisite Alejo were put on hold, I'm hoping maybe they'll still be able to create together again in the future.

'I love tattoos and the minute I saw Alejo I asked if he'd model.  He had never done a photoshoot – but agreed on the spot and I was shooting him an hour later as I was only in Spain for a few hours that day'

I too love Alejo's tattoo's, and spent some time enlarging the images to get a closer work at the artwork and canvas on which it's located.  Alejo is Colombian and I noticed his tattoo's are all organically based, birds, fish, insects and animals. Alejo's body is like an artistic expression of his native Latin American culture, including the colors of the Colombian flag.

As eye-catching as Alejo's body art is, it's his actual eyes, which most forcefully, commanded my attention.  Alejjo's beautiful brown eyes and hypnotic gaze connects directly with both Mark and his camera, and those of us enjoying the visuals captured.   If Mark and Alejo manage to schedule a second shoot, I'll be sure to ask Mark about sharing them with you all, and a follow-up on the site.

A Baker's Dozen: Keith

'In his theatre playbill bio, when asked what his hobbies were, Keith said "Working out. Acting. Working out. Acting. And working out.'

It's not really a surprise that so many of the models that I'm featuring in A Baker's Dozen are firsts. There images were the first shots that had me drawn to, and then contacting a photographer about spotlighting their work.  That's certainly the case with Keith, whose images (Visual Stimulation) were the focus the first time I featured the work of Atlanta photographer Carl Proctor.

I loved Carl's work with Keith and the variety of images they captured together.  Keith brings so much energy and fun to his work, not to mention his incredible body and sex appeal which Carl knew exactly how to creatively capture. Keith also brought a great sense of theatrics, something almost intrinsic given his years as an actor.  Carl not only used Keith's experience as an actor, it's also something he fully supported and enjoyed.

'I have had the pleasure of both working with and getting to know Keith over the past couple years. During that time I've also been enthralled watching him lose himself in a couple highly entertaining stage productions. As I would watch Keith on stage I would often think, "If the people in this theatre only knew how good Keith REALLY looks!". He would give me as much while modeling as he did to the audiences he performed for.'

Given his time on the stage, Keith was no shrinking violet.  Not only was he completely at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, he also enjoyed and got a kick out of how others reacted to his work, as an actor, and as a model.  Keith was also as big a fan of Carl's as Carl was of him.

'Working with Carl has been one of the best experiences of my career so far. Some of the best images in my portfolio were taken by him. Not only has he taught me so much about the art of creating a unique and brilliant photograph, but he has also helped me grow so much as a model. Working with Carl is so much fun and his shoots are always relaxing and stress free. He is always professional and respectful and he always notices the little things that really make his work standout.'

That first feature on Keith also began a long and gratifying relationship with Carl, and was the first of close to 30 features on the many incredible men that Carl has worked with.  Although I think Keith may be a sentimental favorite, Carl worked with an incredible array of men. (Check them all out HERE:)  Carl has always been one of my favorite photographers to feature, beyond just his great images.  Carl shared Keith's enthusiasm for the work, and I loved when he'd get in contact, excited to share the results of a recent shoot.

~Keith by Carl Proctor on FH~

2013 / 2016

2011 / 2012
Visual Stimulation

'Keith comes to each photo shoot excited and fully energized and willing to push the envelope in any direction. Watching someone like Keith mature and continually improve is very gratifying. After nearly ten years of working with hundreds of models, it is no stretch to say that Keith has become one of my proudest portfolio stars.'