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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 11th

Jayk: On Guard!
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Happy Birthday today September 11th

Happy 31st to actor Tyler Hoechlin!

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Favorite Click of the Week: Waël Sersoub in MILF

'I lost my sock and had to finish the scene with the movement of the helicopter without it. It was rather embarrassing.'
Waël Sersoub

I have yet to see MILF, but after seeing the shots of French model and actor Waël Sersoub swinging his 'sock' around, I had to check out the clip. MILF is directed by actress turned director Axelle Laffont, and focused on a trio of forth something women who transform into MILF's during a summer holiday on the Cote d'Azur. The few reviews I have read have not been kind, but I have to say for me, Waël is one of the hottest actors I have seen on screen for awhile!

Thanks to the posters on DC for the heads up, and Restituda (who has clips of all of Waël's nude scenes) I was turned on to the film, the actor, and his spinning sock.

In a video (in french) the actors discuss the film and the nude scenes, and share the Waël's sock did indeed come flying off during one of the takes. There is not a clear copy, but the blooper does sound like it will be on the extras on the DVD. Thanks to reks, there is a small clip and gif of the scene (sans sock). Look forward to the DVD release!

Seasonal Sightings

It's no wonder they're known as sun gods. With their magnificent shapes, he-man strength and tans that utterly defy the laws of nature, lifeguards provide the makings of a perfect fantasy.

I'm not sure I'm the only one who wore those sun glasses to the beach, you know the ones which makes it hard for anyone to see your eyes, or the direction in which they're focuses. Those glasses made it easy to keep an eye on the guy in the tower, especially when he descended down the ladder in his speedo. Sadly, not as many life guards wear speedo's today, but for our look back, we'll focus on a few Playgirl spreads, circa the early to mid eighties.

The last week of August, and first week of September meant for most of us, then end of lifeguard season. Most returned to school and some to jobs that sadly required clothing beyond just a bathing suit and sun screen. With Autumn, just around the corner, spend some time looking back at the summer season with a salute to men we stared at behind those sun glasses.... Looking back, my guess is that he knew most of those laying their towels near the lifeguard tower were't doing so for a great view of the beach.

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Jayk: Primal Reactions

First two shots by Mike Tossy

'I would have to say the best compliment about my butt is when a guy touches it and makes a satisfactory noise... I love those primal reactions. That's how I know I doing my job right.'

It's always refreshing when a model who poses naked embraces it with the level of joy that Jayk Knight does.  Even working on FH for over a decade now,  I am still surprised when some models who pose nude seem uncomfortable discussing what they do.  I am even more surprised when that uncomfortably comes from a photographer.

I understand that artists, either in front of, or behind the lens, may not want to be labeled as a'nude model' or 'nude photographer', this could be limiting, and cause some to think that's all they shoot. Although I get that having 'nude' or 'naked' in front of your job title, could illicit certain responses, it is also nice when those precise reactions, deflected by some, are warmly welcomed by others.

Given he's not just a model, but also an artist, dancer and stripper, audience reaction is crucial, and a big part of the fun of his job. Whether it's that couple in the front row while he's stripping, or likes and comments on Instagram, reactions, especially those primal ones, are welcomed by Jayk. I certainly had a primal reaction when recently featuring one of Jayk's shots from photographer Mike Tossy. When working on the piece Adonis Aquarium earlier this summer, Mike's shots of Jayk were some of my favorites, so much so it was Mike's incredible shot of Jayk lifting himself from the pool that I used as pic of the day.

Someone's in the kitchen with...

Jayk shares he loved working with both Mike and Mark (StudioMGPhotography) earlier this year, and spent a few days shooting in and around their beautiful home. Jayk shares that given he was going to be shooting naked most of his three days there, he didn't even bother bringing any clothing with him when he visited. Jayk says he would jump at the chance to shoot with both again and loved their different shooting style. Although I didn't know it when putting together the piece featuring Mike's images, this wasn't the first time that I'd featured Jayk on FH...

Back in 2013, I presented a series of shots from photographer Ted Sun featuring a nude modeled slathered with honey. (A Taste of Honey) Whenever I think of those shots, in addition to thinking how sexy Jayk looked slathered in honey, I also wondered how long it took to to be sticky free. When I get even a drop of honey on my finger, it seems to take great effort to completely clean it off, but Jayk says the honey was surprisingly easy to clean off.

One of the reasons I didn't connect the honey coated Jayk with the Jayk in the pool was because of the difference in his appearance. Jayk says he's gained almost 30 pounds since his shoot with Ted, changing almost every inch of his beautiful body from the shape of Jayk's face to the degree of his booty bodaciousness.

The increase in butt bounty certainly grabbed my attention, and obviously many others given how many hot butt shots Jayk shares on his Instagram and tumblr. Given how many great self shots Jayk has taken, except for the shots with Mike near the top, all of the others shots in this piece are self shots, created by Jayk himself.

Who or what got you started with modeling?
'Actually, I started taking photos of myself during community college just for fun, and it evolved from there. I later worked with artists and photographers.'.

'What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?
Well I am not a *professional* model, just so people know. But I love hearing an artist's point of view and perception of me. My favorite shoots are outside. Especially in water or swimming pool, rocks and trees, or abandoned structures.'

The first time you were on FH, you were slathered in honey. Was this the wildest concept a photographer has requested?
'Yes, I was covered in honey, it was right after another photographer had cut all my hair off so I was "brave" going into it, but honey comes off easily, as it turns out. I loved shooting with Ted. Um it was definitely memorable. I always tell photographers I am open to try stuff and figure out as we go. I do get requests to cut or grow my hair. Usually nothing too wild.'

Full body Work Out

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
'Ohhhhh so many. Of course a few in other countries. I'm a big admirer of the art of photography in general.'

Which came first, modeling or stripping/dancing?
'Modeling, I guess, since I started doing self portraits. But I am a professional Gogo and stripper, not a professional model. They definitely inform each other though. Photographers like dancers. Dancers like photographers.'

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?
'Well to be honest I never took anything into consideration! As far as being a Gogo and a stripper, it was one of my new year's resolutions. It looked fun and I wanted to do it, so I did it.'

You posed nude for photographers and artists, have you ever posed for a group or art class?
'Yes I have posed for classes at the LGBT center in Hollywood, and for the Tom of Finland foundation, which I would absolutely do again. Male models are not in super high demand for classes as far as I've seen. I would be willing to pose at LACC or CSUN though. Or any gay artist group.'

Given how many great self shots Jayk has and sent on, I couldn't limit them all to one piece! Check out the second part on page 2 (HERE:) Where Jayk talks more about his time on stage, including a video of one of his performances!

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 10th

Jayk: Sink In!
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Happy Birthday today September 10th

Happy 50th to actor Johnathon Schaech!

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Self Examination

Jayk; Blending Art & Sex

'I'm all for fulfilling fantasies as long as I think they are healthy and safe.'

Why do you think you like modeling?
'I like imagery. The power to create imagery makes me want to do it.'

'I love wearing towels. It’s like wearing clothes and being naked at the same time.'

As a Gogo boy, you must get a tons of diverse questions and requests. Any that really stand out?

'I always remember when couples come up to me. I seem to have some sort of radar that attracts couples. It's definitely always memorable when I have chemistry with my co-workers. As far as questions and requests.... Usually the ones that stand out are about things guys are interested in, like fetishes. I'm all for fulfilling fantasies as long as I think they are healthy and safe.'

What is the best compliment anyone ever gave you about your backside?

'Wow. Well I mean, given I feature but butt so frequently, I do get a lot of comments. I always tell people that it's a work in progress! Because it's true. I would have to say the best compliment is when a guy touches it and makes a satisfactory noise . I love those primal reactions. That's how I know I doing my job right.'

Do you look forward to discovering new ways to do self shots?

'I'm always thinking about places I can take photos. It's partly how I express myself, as well as get people interested in seeing me work. I'm currently working on "pre production" for a comic book that uses photos instead of drawings. That will be on Patreon. So that should be fun. Also I would love to explore doing videos more, whenever I can. Dream projects would be being naked in a music video and being naked on some small stage for the LA Fringe festival or something.

Do you have a self shot, or butt shot that you're most proud of, or one that got the most positive reactions from followers?

'I know precisely which photo I took has the most likes. It's actually not my personal favorite. I like blending art and sex. I get to do that when I perform at Planet Queer at Akbar. I am proud of my photos when I find some interesting lighting and when I am in good shape. Oh! A great underwater shot/ in the water shot. That's gold for me'.

If you were to be paid the same regardless, would you rather spend an evening stripping on stage, modeling in a creative shoot or posing for an artist?

'Great Question, Stripping! That's my favorite. Like in a legit all male strip club. Preferably with a stage shower. Or a little pool.'

Rescue Me

Lifeguards: Their business is our pleasure