Friday, November 19, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

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Happy Birthday today November 20th

Happy Birthday to actor and singer Cody Linley!

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Under The Hood

Popular Mechanics...

Thanks to MichaelAndrews73  for these behind the scenes shots from the LAD Prostate calendar!

Greg Lindeblom: Artists Gotta Art, Part 2


Enterprising figure models all over the world were arranging sessions with drawers and painters. These collaborations were creating wonderful work!!  I thought to myself: Why can’t I do that same thing as a photographer? Why can’t I collaborate with models? 

My second shoot, about a month later, was with a model in Washington, DC. Brian was not as experienced, but he was quite natural in front of the camera. It was fun working with him. We tried a test before our actual shoot.  

This time we used Instagram. Based on my earlier experience, I decided to embrace the pixilation, so I chose to shoot with a grainy black and white filter. The connection was, of course, much more consistent.


My third shoot was with Andrew from Wilmington, Delaware. That was about two months after the shoot with Brian. Andrew is a wonderful photographer and had wondered what it would be like to be on the other end of the lens. It was a lot of fun to work with him. This time I used Zoom and realized it was the best application for this type of work. The quality of the images was a little better than the first two online shoots. 

I have enjoyed collaborating with models for 30 years now. The pandemic brought creativity out of all of us. Online shooting will never be my focus, but I have enjoyed it and fully expect to do it with models who live in far-away places.

Hot Suits!

'The Us poolside preview--what TV's heavenly bodies will barely wear.'

Almost every fan of the male form in media, especially fans of actor Jon-Erik Hexum are familiar with his Us Magazine cover.  Along with actress Heather Thomas, (The Fall Guy) Hexum headlined the magazine's January 1984 swimsuit issue.  Before the magazine went weekly, and tried to compete with it's tabloid counterparts, the magazine used to be bi-weekly and monthly, and actually had some decent stories and some great shots of celebrities.

The magazine did a yearly swimsuit issue for awhile, featuring both male and female in suits.  In addition to Hexum, some of the other television actors shown in their speedos included 80's hearthrobs Lorenzo Lamas, Ted Shackelford and Adrian Zmed

I bought several of the old issues years ago on E-bay, and wish I hadn't thrown them out during one of my many  moves.  Given it was Jon-Erik, and his chemistry with Thomas, there are thankfully many outtakes from his cover shoot.  These, are some of my favorites.  

In addition to Hexum's incredible face and body, I was especially taken with his beautiful smile, and his sexy legs in this series of images.  Ahh, the 80's, I can't imagine that many of today's hot young television hunks would be donning a speedo for the magazine today...  They might take it all off for a role on an HBO drama, but they would squeeze into a speedo.