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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 6th

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Peeled & Stream

Bent: Altered from an originally straight or even condition

R.I.P Kristoff St. John

So Young, but hopefully no longer so Restless

Manspiration: Holt McCallany

I started watching Netflix's  Mindhunter last year, mostly due to my love of actor Jonathan Groff.  I watched the first episode, and although found it interesting, it didn't grip me enough to immediately continue.

Last month, I found myself totally engrossed in The Ted Bundy Tapes, and when I finished the exellent four part series, noticed Mindhunter had moved back to the top of my 'continue to watch' list.  Netflix can sometimes be too smart for it's own good...

I began by re-watching the first episode as my memory was fuzzy on the details, and within a couple a week, had finished the seasons first 10 episodes.  Groff was great, but this time, I was drawn to actor Holt McCallany who plays Bill, Groff's FBI partner in the series.

McCallany's Bill is not the series most likeable, but he is a well crafted and interesting character that McCallany  beautifully plays.  Although Bill is weighed down from his job and life struggles, McCallany's sex appeal and swagger remained evidently clear.  I am already looking forward to season 2 scheduled to drop on Netflix later this year.

Some of you may remember McCallany from Fight Club or his many other appearances in film and on television.   I think McCallany's only nude scene was a brief butt flash in the 2002 submarine drama Below, which I capped below.

Blue Bloods (2014)

Fight Club (2004)

Below (2002)

There were a lot of hot men below the Atlantic, working USS Tiger Shark , the U.S. Navy submarine in 2002's Below. Fortunate for us, one of them, Loomis, (McCallany) was only wearing a towel when the sub was hit and damaged.  In all the chaos, poor Loomis lost his towel. 

At Ease: Dennis by MaleArts Photography

'What struck me immediately was his incredible outgoing and warm personality. Not only is he physically stunning but his smile will disarm anyone. Always laughing and smiling is Dennis.'

It was last October that I was first introduced to the work of  MaleArts Photography.  Since then, Larry (MaleArts) and I have gone back on forth on which of his models and shoots we should feature to spotlight Larry's work.  Last month,   Earlier this month, Larry featured several images on his Instagram of Dennis.  I was immediately enamored.

With his captivating blue eyes, beautiful face and incredible body, Dennis is quite simply, gorgeous.  When seeking perfection, we often end up with something safe.  A Ken doll, a bland and neutered depiction of masculinity and the male form.  Dennis is no Ken doll, but a more mature, sensual and engaging representation of the qualities many of us look for and fantasize about.

Beyond the physical, Dennis communicates powerfully with his eyes, drawing the viewer in, and with this particular viewer, a desire to learn more.  Although Dennis looks like he's a seasoned professional model, someone who's spent years in front of the camera, this was both his first nude shoot, and his first professional experience in front of the camera.

Larry first met Dennis in Palm Springs, in a coffee and internet cafe that Dennis had  owned and operated at the time.  They struck up a friendship discussing their mutual love of Asia, and of course, Asian men.  Dennis's boyfriend was Vietnamese and Dennis moved for a time to Vietnam to open a resort in Saigon.  On his return trips to the US, Larry and Dennis spent many nights laughing and sharing stories about the times each spent in Asia.

'One day I received a phone call from Dennis asking if I would like to take some photographs of him. He wanted to remember what he looked like when he grows older. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to shoot such a gorgeous and stunning man.'

The shoot resulted in Larry and Dennis working in four different locations.  The first, and second resulted in this set of images, were shot in Larry's backyard and studio, and in and around the pool in the backyard of one of Larry's friends.  Larry reports that during the shoot, it was nothing but laughs and jokes.  Larry shares that Dennis was so easy going and relaxed, there was no pressure to capture the perfect shot, with Dennis, Larry says that every shot turned out beautiful.

'As much as I love capturing an image of a beautiful male figure, I never wanted to shoot male nudes in an excited state. Something about the relaxed male nude figure is much more classical and pleasing to me. I think that because of my relaxed manner of shooting a model, my models are not self conscious. I love working with a down-to-earth model who has a certain level of exhibitionism and self-confidence. Posing is not about ego – please leave it at home.'

I so agree with Larry about image of the male form in a relaxed state.  Although some photographers have managed to capture great imagery of men with erections, sometimes, it takes over and becomes the sole focus of the shot.  For me, there is often more creative ground, a greater depth of emotion and more opportunities to capture personality and the essence of the man when he's relaxed and at ease.

If you want to see more of Larry's work with Dennis, Check out his his gallery with additional shots on his website MaleArts HERE:  Larry has several books, including one featuring his work with Dennis, available, as well as a slideshow with close to 50 images of his work with Dennis.