Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 21st

Nick C by Jim Morris Photography.

Happy Birthday today July 21st to:

Happy Birthday today July 21st to:

Josh Hartnett turns 32 today.

Actor Ven Daniel turns 33 today.

Joe Smirh by Joe TickNow

Joe TickNow shoots some of the most exquisite models. In the past on FH I have showcased his work with Kyle Mathew Polke and his incredible work with Greg Kelley. I have talked before about a 'light' in Joe's work which helps not only set it apart but as well has helped Joe quickly gain a reputation of a truly unique and talented artist. Joe's work shows such respect for not only his subjects but as well the artistry in his craft.

TickNow says that Joe Smirh is good friend of his and that he is originally from Bangkok - Thailand. He has been living in this country for 15 years and works in the financial services industry. He has some modeling experiences in NYC and Bangkok. Recently, Joe Smirh did a campaign with Levi's in Thailand to promote Levi's 501 men search competition throughout the country. The first set of shots in this post are from a shoot between the two Joe's last fall.

Summer In The City:

Joe TickNow makes the hot summer even hotter with this shoot with Joe Smirh on his rooftop in NYC this past Sunday. It was a really hot day, but instead of heading to the beach capturing him in the sand or in a park, Joe wanted to try something different by shooting him sunbathing on a rooftop.

" Joe really pulled this off with his golden skin tones and great physique, both symbolic of a hot summer look."
Joe TickNow

Joe's use of light in these outside shots had me thinking of back to when I profiled Joe's work with Greg Kelley I commented on the quote that is on the first page of Joe's website, "JOY OF MATAHARI". Joe shared that Matahari is an Indonesian language meaning THE SUN. The sun continues to be a crucial element in Joe's work.

You can check out Joe Smirth's MM Page HERE:
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Thanks Joe!