Monday, August 10, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 11th

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FaVorites: Kevin Trapp

Professional footballer Kevin Trapp is a goalkeeper for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the Germany national team.  The tall, hot drink of water also has the most beautiful light blue eyes.  Not surprising a hot footballer is engaged to a Brazilian model...   Beautiful models and successful athletes, the inevitable, yet so often cursed, combination.

Back to the Drawing Board: Anson by Noplacia Photography

'Many artists utilize friends and acquaintances as models, especially those they trust and that have an interest in art or modeling'

Generally, when we think of heading back to the beginning, it's seen as a negative thing.  Having to return to 'start' during a board game, or having your boss tell you to head back to the drawing board.  Sometimes though... returning to a starting point, especially during a pandemic, can be a stroke of luck.

Over the years, many photographers have shared their stories of first starts when it came to shooting the nude male form.  Given the specific requirements, such as one person having to remove all of their clothing, the first nude body many artists initially work with, often belongs to a friend.

Back in January, I introduced FH readers to artist Gary Larson, (Noplacia Photography) and his images and drawings of Anson. (Bull Session)  In the piece, Gary shared how he first Anson when the soon to be model was dating a woman who lived on Gary's street.  The quickly became friends, and after a bit of nudge from mutual friend, Gary eventually asked Anson about modeling.

Since then, Gary and Anson have worked together nine times, with Anson's images acting as the ideal inspiration for Gary's artwork.  In the first piece back in January, I featured cowboy themed images created during the pairs 7th shoot together.  For this piece, Gary went back to the beginning, sharing the results of their first time shooting, and Anson's first time taking it all off for the camera.

Despite being his first nude shoot, Anson appears confident in front of Gary's lens, showcasing a natural masculinity which photographs beautifully.  Given Gary uses his photography to create art pieces, there was a focus on classic physique poses but he also captured a great variety of looks and themes for Anson's first shoot.  I especially love the lighting and mood captured in the black and white series in front of the window.

Like so many, Gary's work has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  Although his passion for his art hasn't diminished, he's been leery about doing shoots with new models, especially in his small studio where social distancing is a challenge.  The solution, heading back to where he started, and shooting friends he knows well and can trust.

Since their first time working together, Gary and Anson's friendship has grown, and they both know the other have been taking the recommended precautions, physically distancing, and socially isolating when possible.  This has meant their friendship zone has included each other in the contacts they see on a regular basis, so shooting is just one of the many things they do when they hang out.  I'm sure if any photographer could have predicted the pandemics impact, they would have followed Gary's lead, and found a hot male model like Anson to include in their social interaction bubble...

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Hunks In Speedos

Thanks to Hunks In Speedos to introducing me Colin Brazeau.  Love what Colin is wearing in the image below.


Joe Hockersmith by Ryleigh Henry for EROTICCO Magazine

DC's Men of the Moment

DC's Men of the Moment has Luke Evans, and a great side view of his curvy backside, in The Alienist.


I thought I'd seen all of Casper Van Dien's butt scenes, but I miss this.  Thanks to Casperfan for sharing this 1998 clip from On The Border.