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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

Horizon by Mark Leighton
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Happy Birthday today May 16th

Happy 64th to actor Pierce Brosnan!

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Some of you, if you'be been search the net for FaVorite Hunks for while, recognize the model, and images in this post. This shoot in fact, was one of the first shoots that I saved and that inspired me to start my old FH group and eventually this site. I believe it came from old site called Boystation that no longer seems to be active. I loved the models look, his hair, his body and how the photographer so beautifully captured him. I especially loved the beach shots.

I did a small post featuring the few images I had back in 2008. The other day, I came upon a site which featured not all, but many more images from both the studio and beach sets. For those who remember the shoot, or those who are just discovering, check out the old post HERE: I updated the post with close to 20 larger images than were there in the original version.

As One With Nature by Mark Leighton

'Sixteen male models, as nature intended, on beautiful beaches.'

Going back to 2008, I have been lucky to have featured many of those sixteen models on FH, thanks to the generosity and support of photographer Mark Leighton. As One With Nature is Mark's new photo book that he calls a sort of retrospective on the many models he has shot along the scenic beaches ad coast of Lagos as well as some of the other incredible locations Mark has visited on his photographic vacations.

I am not sure Mark could have come up with a more perfect name for the book than At One With Nature. Every time I feature Mark's work, I am reminded how seamlessly Mark blends the model and location that he is shooting. Many photographers 'take' models to the beach to shoot. The beach is a natural environment for people to be wearing little or no clothing, so it makes sense to use a beach location when shooting the male form.

Many of these photographers however, don't seem to see the beach as more than a backdrop, and the images fail to really resonate. It's like when film producers and directors use green screen. Sometimes it works, but more times than not, it rings false. You know what you're supposed to see and feel, yet you know what you're seeing is not real.

The authenticity Mark creates, comes from connection, both his, and model's, connection to their environment. The men move, feel and interact with their environment like it's a part of them. Not a beach they are visiting, but a place they belong. You can feel the sand on their bodies and sun on their skin and the coolness and energy of the incoming waves. Mark's images are also beautifully timeless and he is very careful with his use of fashion, props and 'extras'. You rarely seen anything in Mark's images that point to a date or period of time.

As One With The Nature is available in hard copy form, and as well as digital download which is available immediately. Head over to Blurb and check out a preview of the book HERE:

That 70s Skin

When I used to watch That 70s Show during it's original run, my main crush was definitely Eric. (Topher Grace) I thought he was adorable, and loved his long skinny legs. I was in my early 20's during that time, and my tastes have gone through some changes. I recently caught a few old episodes on TV and although Eric is still cute, it is now all about Kelso. (Ashton Kutcher) Hyde and Fez have certainly gotten sexier to me, but Kelso is hilarious and obscenely hot in his tight 70's t-shirts.

Most of the guys had shirtless scenes, and the writers also managed to frequently get Eric, Fez and Kelso in their undies. Given it was the 70's, the cool high school students mostly sported briefs. I also remember that although the show was on the FOX Network, there was a week bit of butt cleavage in a couple of episodes. Tracking them down was a little difficult but unless I missed one, there were just two. Both Kelso and Hyde, (Danny Masterson) gave us a bit of crack in the shows first couple of seasons.


Love those skinny legs! Eric was often in his briefs, but his most daring scene was the season 1 episode where the guys were going to streak at a Nixon rally. All but Eric bailed, and although he was 'happy faced', he still showed much of his long lean form. Eric also had a fun scene mooning Donna a couple of seasons later, but the show didn't even give us a crack, keeping a big red ball over his butt.


Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) was often in his undies, and look pretty hot in his black undies as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in season 2's Halloween episode. I especially liked the scene below in which a drunken Fez strips down, heads out into the snow, then collapses, package in the air, on the couch.


I was not a fan of Hyde when I first watched. My problem with Hyde is that he is written as 'the cool one', but in reality is actually pretty mean to most of the others. I gave grown to appreciate his appeal (especially in season 1) during the second go around. The caps from the scene below are actually pretty daring for a network show. In the Halloween episode, Hyde Rear Windows Fez who is watching with binoculars from next door.


Kelso gets naked, or close to naked many times on the show, including a brief it of butt cleavage in the shot below. My favorite scene was the one shown in the last two caps. Kelso is taking off everything that Jackie gave him, which means he ends up in his undies for a fairly long and hilarious scene.