Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 26th

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Happy Birthday today April 26th

Happy 33rd Channing Tatum!

Also celebrating today today April 26th: Jake Wall:, Damien Van Zyl: & Tom Welling

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Favorite Song Of The Day: Lego House

I'm gonna pick up the pieces,
And build a Lego house
If things go wrong we can knock it down

Ever since seeing English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on a talk show a few months ago, I have been listening to his debut album. So many great songs, The A Team, You Need Me, I Don't Need You and my current favorite song Lego House (give it a listen and watch above).

Ed Sheeran on Youtube: & iTunes:

Strapping: Josh By Andrew Bowman

'So refreshing to see a bit of hair and a bit of meat on the bones!'

I was one year ago, in April of 2012 that I first profiled the work of Oxford photographer Andrew Bowman. In each of the pieces I did on Andrew's work, the men featured were each beautifully distinctive, varying in age, ethnicity and body type. What ties them all together is the incredible sex appeal that Andrew skillfully captured in each of them.

One of my all time favorite images from Andrew is the image of Josh I used as today's pic of the day. Sitting on the floor, naked by the washing machine, hand on his face. Looking just a little tired, maybe worn out from whatever he was just doing. Andrew calls this Josh's Mr. Grumpy look. In the image, Andrew zeroes in on the essence of what makes Josh so appealing, and every inch of him, from his beautiful hazel eyes though is hairy chest and stomach come together to make the image so sexy.

Strapping young man was at one time a commonly used phrase to describe a virile, well built young guy. Although no longer used in most people's vocabularies, it was what came to mind when thinking of just the right word to describe Josh. We really need to bring the word back. There is an entire category of gorgeous men, usually left out, who are currently stuck with less than than complimentary adjectives. There is obviously something incredibly appealing about Josh, and clearly, photographer Andrew Bowman agrees.

'I arranged the shoot with Josh after seeing some of his work with a fellow Oxfordshire photographer in the middle of the London Olympics last year. He'd only done a couple of shoots and didn't really consider himself model material - he doesn't have a six pack - but he does have amazing bright eyes and a really lovely smile, something a lot of models seem to hate to show on camera.'

'With those eyes, and a...rather substantial appendage too, altogether a perfect combination for the sort of stuff I do. After lots of smiley shots, I also discovered he can do grumpy quite well too so we got some great 'fuck off' looks as he sat by my washing machine. I used the location a few times in the summer, (with Gary Fletcher and a couple of other models) but he looked the most convincing Mr. Grumpy.'
Andrew Bowman