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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 31st

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Happy Halloween! 👻

Unlike most other holidays, HALLOWEEN  is one that you can make entirely your own. There are no pressures to decorate (which I do), or cook, (which I don't) and there are no family meals or visits from that cousin you choose to avoid most of the rest of the year. 

There are no gifts to buy and no  battles over whether the religious connection should or should not be in the play.  Halloween is also the night you can dress as you would the rest of the year if only you could get away with it!  One can also never forget the appeal of the mini KitKat!

I post the above message almost every year on HALLOWEEN.  They really sum up my love for the holiday and some of the reasons that I love featuring holiday imagery.  Last year on the 31st, it was all about the fangs, Dracula's that is.  This year, I'm back to spotlighting one my favorite All Hallow' Eve characters, the iconic Witch! 

You many or may not recognize the hottie in the black hat and orange briefs that you're currently staring at.   He's been on the site before, just this past summer he was whizzing through the waves on a speed boat, completely naked of course!  (HERE:) It's Autumn now however, so he felt the need to cover-up, well, a little bit anyway.

You're excused if you didn't automatically recognize Nico, (Calves of Adonis) in addition to putting on the orange briefs, the beard is also new.  Now I'm not sure if the sexy witch cast a spell on me or not, but I must say this particular Adonis has never looked hotter!   Thanks to Jay from Unlimited Male for flying in this provocative present just in time for the holiday!   


If you're a fan of hot hunks in tiny costumes, check out FH's annual Costume Parade on PAGE 2 HERE:

Retro Beefcake

'One should never be the oldest thing in one's house.'
Patsy Stone

Every year, early in October, I begin the search.  Naked witches, nude devils, homoerotic Halloween and sexy ghosts are just a few of the terms my Google search engine has become far too familiar with. My goal is to find both sexy and unique Halloween themed imager, but most of all, I'm looking for images I've not seen before.

The first few years I worked on FH, the only holiday images that I could find were the same two or three that came up ever year.  That edited image of Billy Herrington (HERE:) with a pumpkin face drawn on his back seemed to be everywhere on Halloween.  It's one of the reasons I work with several artists to create new holiday imagery for the site.  I love both the creative process, and showcasing images seen before.

My favorite holiday images however, incorporate both the old and new.  New visuals, with vintage symbols and decorations from holidays gone by weaved in.  I wrote recently when featuring the work of PhotoRSH , (HERE:)how I look for images that capture a spirit, the feel I remember from holidays when I was a kid.   

My mother hated to waste money, especially on decorations.  Our Christmas decorations consisted of hand-me-downs from relatives and whatever my  mother could find in the bargain bin during Boxing Day sales.  This meant our house always felt about 10, or 20 years behind everyone else's.  A mix-match of ornaments, huge glass balls, small glass balls with the color mostly faded off and those God-awful thread balls we had long after everyone else had moved on.

I hated those decorations, yet now that I'm older, really wish tucked a few away and kept them.  Whenever I see an image with vintage decorations, they take me right back to being a kid.  The visuals and colors evoke the feel, the smell of past holidays and the excitement that surrounded them. I still get excited about holidays, but once you hit your late teens or twenties, it takes a bit more work to evoke the magic that was so effortless when you were a kid.

This year, my early October search took me to artist Flickr, and the page of photographer James Laws and his collection of Retro Beefcake. I quickly sent James off a message asking if I could feature some of his imagery on the site. James was on board, welcoming me to pick my favorites from his vast portfolio of new, but vintage themed holiday images.

James mostly shoots his friends, and the model featured in most of these shots is Billy, one of James friends from school.  Billy loves cosplay and morphing into various different characters.  Some of his favorites are the beefcake and pin-up themed shots from the 50's and 60's.  These were also some of my favorites!  Thanks to James, and to Billy, for sharing their work together.

James Laws on Flickr

The Witching Hour: Benjamin by Lights On Studio

'Benjamin  handled the high heels (had to squeeze into them) like a pro. I must say his legs looked great in heels!'
Tom Nakielski, Lights On Studio

There's a crack in the coven....  Thanks to damned Shakespeare, today's modern witches think coven's should consist of only three witches.  It's like fighting a union trying to add any new blood to the group.  I have however, been fairly persistent.  I started my witch hunt several years ago, and for awhile, the coven was empty.  Thanks to JayBee in 2017, (HERE:) Zach joined as our first official enchanter to fly into the FH Federation of Witches.

The following Halloween, one turned to three.  With the help of Studio1x, both Holden and Ethan made the coven of one a coven of three.  Now one might think you could be satisfied with three, but when it comes to hot naked bodies straddling broomsticks, the more is really the scarier.  Last year, when I first suggested a fourth, there was a little pushback.  But when the three got a look at PhotoRSH's The Naked Nerd, the objections were quickly taken off the table.

The Naked Nerd slid in seamlessly, adding a nice balance to the trio.  This year however, when I brought up a fifth member, the claws came out.  Threats of walk-out, a strike, and various promises to turn me into a toad were all bandied about. They even threatened to pull up their pants and put back on their capes.  They knew, getting dressed, was a no no, especially for FH!.  I remained stalwart however, silent and patient.  

I know my witches, and whenever there's a new bitch in town, the best thing is do is not to discuss it too much.  I know them well, and I knew once they got a glimpse of Benjamin, their hackles would eventually relax.  While their brooms certainly rose, the rest of them began to warm to the idea of a new member entering the now relaxed crack in the coven.

It certainly helped the process that Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) did such a great job of preparing Benjamin for the task.  Before Benjamin even flew into town, I presented Tom's images for the saucy sorcerous to check out.  Like I was, they were quickly enchanted by Benjamin's beautiful smile, his sexy hair chest and delectable legs and thighs.  I also think Benjamin knew the impact the black leather against his skin would have on the horney harem. 

Tom's powerful images impressed the group, especially his use of light and beautiful shadows Benjamin's body created. The glorious deep blues and purples the light created only added to the striking visual impact. By the time Benjamin swooped into the coven's courtyard, the four were putty in his bewitchingly strong hands.  So next year.... a sixth?  Not sure I should push my luck, Ethan has already promised a castration spell if I even bring it up. 

After a long day of broom flying, spell casting and toil and trouble a witch needs to relax.  Exhausted and tired after his long flight, once Benjamin arrived at the coven, the first thing he wanted to do was conjure up something to eat and drink and peel off those sweaty leather undies.  Check out a more relaxed (aka naked) Benjamin at the coven, and find out how the shoot with Lights On Studio all came together, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 30th

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Seasonal Sightings

Something's Brewing.... Benjamin by Lights On Studio

Round about the cauldron go; 
In the poison'd entrails throw.

So..... now that the coven has calmed and Benjamin is comfortable and all settled in, you know I have questions.  At FH, I'm all about process, and I was curious about how the shoot came together, the witch was created, and of course, where the hell did Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) find that incredibly beautiful clock!  Thankfully, Tom was up for sharing all the juicy details!

What were your thoughts on my witch wishes?
The suggestion of a witch did not strike me as unusual. Witches are the top most costumes for Halloween. Although witches are generally is Halloween you know. Anything goes. 

How hard was your witch hunt?
By biggest issues lately is finding decent models. Plus models who will respond in a timely fashion. I use Model Mayhem to find my models. Lately, I noticed that models have gone months without even accessing their MM account. So many of my requests are not even seen until it is too late. I have several models that are always willing to have a session but I really would like some fresh meat :) 

What was the shoot's biggest challenge?
The hardest part was finding high heel boots. I thought you were wanting something like stilettos. I didn't realize you were thinking of men's boots. I went to countless thrift stores looking for high heel boots Found some that were very fashionable but too small. I was in the frame of mind to create something a bit more off beat or campy. So the high heels would be in the campy category. What I found was not very fashionable. They were more clunky but were something more like a witch would wear. A witch that never read a fashion magazine.. 

How did Benjamin react to the concept?
Benjamin was very open to the concept of being a witch. I was concerned that he would be hesitant to get campy and would not be comfortable with mascara and eyeliner or the feathery witches hat. But he was all in with it. I found out later that he dressed as Janet Jackson with a wardrobe malfunction so a witch would be second hand for him. 

How did the props and costumes all come together?
I get a lot of costumes from local costume shops. They are aware of my projects and are eager to help me put a particular look together. The use of the cauldron came later. But EVERY store in town was sold out. And I went to lot of stores looking. But I was determined to have a cauldron. ( You may have noticed that I am into props in my photos) Luckily I remembered I had a stockpot that would do the job. I painted it black and dripped some candle wax on the side to look like it was boiling over. The witches broom was from the Spirit Halloween store. Dry ice, rat skeleton, spiders etc were found in different stores. The grandfather clock was just purchased by Karah (my studio mate) Perfect timing for the shoot.  

Tell me about the shoot itself?
The shoot was fun. Once I realized that Benjamin was all Gung Ho about the session I could relax and not worry about him feeling uncomfortable during the session. He had no problem with nudity which is always a plus. Models who only do implied nudes are a challenge. Trying to find ways to hide their privates is a pain to me. It stifles my creativity. Plus who doesn't like having a nude model hanging out in the studio?  

Benjamin was aware of my physical limitations and did most of the moving of props and lights. The grandfather clock is very heavy. Even he struggled with it a bit. But once again, he was into the whole process. Truly a joy to work with. As you know, I tripped and fell. Luckily he is a hunk and a half and lifted me up with ease. I felt like a damsel in distress and my knight in shining armor came to my rescue. Hmmm, a ploy I might try again.

Did everything go as planned?
I pretty much accomplished what I wanted. There is only so much you can do in a 3 hour session which is about the longest I care to do now. The days of 5 hour session are history. Each concept takes time to set up. Even changes of poses takes time. To go from standing to sitting means that I have to readjust the lights. Or front view to side view usually means I need to adjust lights or props. 

What was your favorite part of the shoot?
Just seeing when the light it just right and the models looks great. Sometimes it takes awhile until I finally find the perfect light for a particular pose. I am always adjusting or adding lights. I sometimes have a light just to highlight a butt or the models dick. (Can I say dick?) The second favorite is being swooped up in the arms of my hunky savior:) When the session was over I thanked him for going along with the kinky session....I meant to say campy. He said he has no problem with kinky. Note to self....

Horror Hunks: The Love Witch

A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her, with deadly consequences.

Thanks to DC'S Men of the Moment, I recently discovered The Love Witch.  Although it looks like a film shot in the 60's or 70's, it was actually released in 2016.  That look and feel was very intentional.  The film was shot on 35mm film, and printed from an original cut negative. The film was acclaimed by critics for its playful tribute to 1960s horror and Technicolor films, combined with its serious inquiry into contemporary gender roles

The erotic horror film was written, edited, directed, produced, and scored by Anna Biller. The beautiful and bewitching Samantha Robinson leads the cast as Elaine Parks, a modern-day witch who uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her with predictably very disastrous results.

Stephen Wozniak

Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Hoping to find a new lover, Elaine performs a ritual to find one and soon meets Wayne, a literature professor at the local college. The two travel to Wayne's cabin, where she gets him to drink a concoction containing hallucinogens. Once the two have sex Wayne becomes emotional and clingy which proves to be a turnoff for Elaine. He dies the next day and Elaine buries his body along with a witch bottle containing her urine and used tampon.

Gian Keys