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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 31st

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Bonne Année!

Above: Cody by Frisky Frolic

🥂 Happy New Year!!! 🥂

TR Pics: Moments to Midnight


'You know how I always dread the whole year? Well this time I’m only going to dread one day at a time.'
Charlie Brown


I'm not exactly dreading the new year, but there are things in world that make it difficult to fully celebrate without a little trepidation.  The wars in Israel and Ukraine rage on, and it's an election year in the US.  The thought that so many seem to want a racist, sexist, hateful sociopath back in the White House is more than cause for concern.   But.. like Charlie Brown, it's best to dread just one day at a time, worrying about the full 12 months is just overwhelming.  

I truly appreciate all of those who drop in from time to time to spend a few minutes of their day checking out FH.   I am even more grateful given long the site has been up.  I know there have been readers who have been dropping in for over a decade, and also love hearing from readers who discovered the site for the very first time.  There were several months this past year where the views were up higher than they've been in years.  Thank you!

I want to especially thank all the models, photographers and artists who support, and contribute to the site.   There are many who have been contributing for years, some creating new and original shoots especially for FH.  I can't start naming names, as the list is too long, but I'm excited whenever I see a new shoot or series in my Dropbox, my in-box or a link to a folder in Google Drive or WeTransfer. 
Discovering new, or at least new to me, visuals is what inspires me to continue with the site.  Every time I think it's time to pack it in, a new image, artist or model, motivates me keep going!  

Nio & Stuart

I do have to give a special mention the artists who help celebrate holidays on the site.  So many artists have gone to great lengths to help with the many crazy themes and Ideas I throw at them.  Tom Rubeck, (TR Pics) who shot these NYE images,  didn't flinch when I asked if could shoot a naked male model in King Kong's paw.  His response was how excited he was about the concept, and had idea of how he'd pull it all together.  I'm so grateful to everyone for their endless stream of creative ideas1 Happy New Year to all!  

Classic Playgirl: December, 2006

As part of my Christmas day posts, I spotlighted some of my favorite covers from holiday issues of magazines featuring the nude male form.  Although holiday issues were popular in the 60's 70's, (like the first two images from a 1975 Playgirl holiday issue) and 80's, but the 1990's, they seemed to mostly fade away like VCR's and tape decks.

I did find one 'sort of' holiday issue of Playgirl from December 2006.  The cover promotes a holiday gift guide and the cover model ready to hit the clubs and the dance floor for a New Year's Eve night out.  He's even holding a disco ball, so often tied to the glitter and glamour of a New Year's Eve bash.

Playgirl: December 2006
Disco  Balls
Model: Lucas Walker
Photography by Greg Weiner

Lucas blasts out for his own personal Boogie Nights!

Lucas Walker
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lbs
Birthplace: Spokane, WA

19 year old Lucas Walker really hits the mark for the perfect New Year's Eve dream date.  The then full-time student at East Washington University, also worked part-time a real estate leasing office to help fund his studies.  In the issue, Lucas shared his thoughts on the shoot, traveling to New York City for the first time, and shared his best sex occurred on a cruise ship with 'some girl' he'd just met on the Miami Cruise.  Walker didn't seem to picky about who he sleeps with boasting he likes all types and has slept with over 20 women.  Given this pictorial was 17 years ago, curious what that number is now....

How was your Centerfold Shoot:

I loved doing the Playgirl shoot in New York, and it was my first time in the big city.  The flight was five hours, but well worth it.  The entire shoot was great.  

It was a little awkward  because the managers of the club were trying to prep for the night while the shoot was taking place.  People were constantly walking by or looking to see what was going on.  As for the disco ball, that was original, striking a pose is hard enough without this huge silver ball in the way.

Did you get to explore NYC after the shoot?

We all went downtown and I had a great dinner and rinks.  Greg and I went for a small tour of the city and when we went in to Abercrombie, there wasn't a person in there that didn't ask me if I wanted to work for them.  The store manager commented on my smile and still calls to tell me that they want me to work there, even for a day.

The holiday issue also included a 2007 calendar for the previous year's centerfold models.  You can check it out on FH HERE:

John Mar: Fringe Benefits


We all remember as kids, squinting our eyes and looking at the Christmas tree.  I still do it each year, and I'm sure many of you do as well.  The blurry vision in so many ways illustrated the holiday fantasy we all had as kids.    Squinting seemed to make the lights look even more magical, and the dreamlike quality remains a powerful part of magic of the season. 

Sure it wasn't real, it was a distorted view, yet it somehow epitomized a feeling.  I think the squint induced vision is the reason I love holiday imagery, and the magical feel, what I try to emulate with my holiday posts.  When we think of New Year's Eve, many of us have similar images, smells and sound that run through our head.  For some reason, I always hear big band music.  I don't think I've heard big band music live, or been to a New Year's Eve party with one playing, yet there always seemed to be one playing in so many movies and TV shows.


I also think of glitter and glamour, gold and black balloons, gold and silver streamers and long glittering fringe curtains.   I've been to quite a few New Year's Eve parties, and a few at bars and clubs had shiny decorations.  Most of the parties however, were in people's living rooms, and didn't have the shimmering lights and glittery curtains that so many of us visualize with our imagination.  

I think that's why our imagination is so powerful, and what we visualize, even when squinting, is far more magical and stimulating that what we actually see.  I think photographer John Mar know this well.   His images, although crystal clear, evoke the glittering, festive fantasy we felt when looking at blurry but bright holiday lights.

For New Year's Eve, John shot a group of visually diverse, but similarly hot, group of male models to ring in the new year.   Each model seems to pop in front of the glittery curtains, highlighting their their beautiful bodies and skin and their unique look and fashion choices.  Although they all posed in front of a similar shiny background,  John beautifully brought out their personality and their individuality in each of his images.  See more of John's NYE work on the NEXT PAGE HERE:


'I love sharing Christmas and New Year's with my family and friends. Christmas music gives me a special energy! Seeing the Christmas tree reminds me of many beautiful memories from my childhood.'

Out holiday hunk in front of the purple fringe is Juan, who got his start modeling in Toronto back in 2015.  A photographer saw Juan's images on-line, and wisely got him into the studio for a shoot.  Juan and John Mar also connected on-line through Instagram and got together earlier this year to shoot.  They shot a 'disco' theme which Juan used as part of his 30th birthday invitations. 

'He is very patient, kind, respectful. I like doing shoots with him because he is always willing to listen to new ideas. I like that people participate in my crazy things! '


'My favorite part of New Year's Eve is that New Year's kiss!!! It’s magical'

Spike shares that he's always been a ham in front of the camera.  As a kid, he would set up pretend photo shoots and get lost in the fantasy of the moment.  When he got older, the fantasy became a reality when he began modeling for real.  His motivation to model nude was personal, and connected to helping him work through his own struggles with guilt and shame.  

Being sex and body positive is part of why Spike continues to love his time in front of the camera.  Spike has especially enjoyed working with John who he describes as not only being exceptionally kind, but also respectful and professional through the creative process.