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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 9th

Norb Peti by Carlos Hernandez
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Happy Birthday today January 9th

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Crosby Deals & Cash

Not sure FH draws in many hockey fans but hockey is a huge part of my family and my life. I for one am happy the unnecessarily long lockout is finally over. The players are due back to training camps as early as this weekend and the season, although abbreviated will actually take place. I am not on the side of either party, I think both could have worked to have ended things much earlier. My joy at the lockouts end may be less about this season, and more about just having it over with so next season can start as usual.

Sidney Crosby can now lace up his skates, fill up his bag, and head back out on the ice! Crosby, who has become the face of the NHL, also became a visible face for the players during some of the lockouts late negotiations. The Pittsburgh Penguins captain is happy the issue is settled, but feels, like most of us, that it could have ended a long time ago with essentially the same results for both parties.

Norb Peti: All Over The World

'I AM my own creation. I am my own work of art.'

Below: Norb by DAndre Michael

I am not sure there is such a thing as a world view within the modeling industry but it certainly exists within individuals, including some who happen to models. Most of us tend to view, see and interpret the world through a collection of belief's we acquire through our own individual life experiences. For some, these experiences can be limited. They stem from interactions with only a few others who think just like they do. They take place in only a limited number of locations, usually close to home, even with the rest of the world just waiting to be experienced. If it not possible to experience the world directly, then it can be done so virtually, through the Internet, books, music and film

Flaunt Magazine Shoot:

Model Norb Peti's view of the world, his modeling and the creating of art, stems most certainly from a world view. Norb says he doesn't like typical pretty boy shots, and I doubt you will every see him standing in his undies smiling in front of a turquoise backdrop, donning caution tape over his genitals or frolicking on the beach in tiny speedos. It is not that these often overused clich├ęd concepts cannot be done well, it's that they are usually not. Norb has other, bigger aspirations. The New York based model is hungry to create mind blowing images that have not been done before. Norb's images have appeared in international publications including Details, L'Uomo Vogue, Flaunt and Esquire.

Norb's view's on modeling, and the world for that matter, comes fairly naturally. Norb has lived all over the globe, in the beautiful Greek Islands including Crete and Santorini, in London, Hungary and for the past ten years, New York City. Norb has been modeling since he was a teenager something that has helped to formulate his view on both his life and his work. Norb is also a lover of Madonna, someone who has been a leader in rebelling against the typical, refusing to be a manufactured artist, but instead, creating her own path in her own way.

I remember as a teen in 1991 watching Madonna on the Oscars. She was performing Sooner Or Later from Dick Tracy and appeared very naked and nervous on stage. She got a lot flack for that performance, but that rare moment of vulnerability made it one of my favorite of her stage performances. Vulnerability isn't always something welcomed by artists like Madonna, or models like Norb. They are most often depicted in powerful poses and always in control. Vulnerability can be a weakness in both the modeling and music industries. When however, used as a part of the art, like with Madonna's Sooner Or Later or as in two of my favorite images of Norb (above), the dichotomy between artist and art can be both surprising and powerful.

Below: Images from Michael Webber

Norb's desire to motivate isn't restricted just to modeling. He also works as a fitness and personal trainer and is passionate about helping others see beyond the typical, removing self imposed restrictions and enabling them to see their world differently and to picture themselves in a whole new way.

Next 3 images from Richard Gerst

Norb calls Richard Gerst one of his favorite lensmen. 'Amazing both personally and professionally.'

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Below: Norb by Gossip Images

Below: With Jamie Dominic by Michael Stokes

Norb by Rick Day


Except for those idiots who feel the need to post the results, or the winners ,of live show competitions I really don't mind spoilers. I guess maybe I am in the minority, but with the exception of reality shows and sports I actually often seek them out, especially for prime time dramas.

Countess Violet:
'You Americans never understand the importance of tradition.'

Martha Levinson:
'Yes we do, we just don’t give it power over us.'

Downton Abbey returned to North American television screen last night to it's largest audience to date. It also returned, except for those who found a way to avoid them, with spoilers galore. It amazes me that PBS has yet to find a way to air the British drama at the same time as it's UK counterpart, but those most devoted have found numerous online ways to watch the series along with the rest of the world.

Although I knew most of the big events prior to watching, I still really enjoyed most of season 3, especially Dan Stevens, whose Matthew really is ahead of his time, and ahead of so many men, even in 2013. I have been very critical of Shirley MacLaine's brief stint, but re-watching her again Sunday as night was not as painful as the first time. The plus side to her awkward two episode appearance was it gave Maggie Smith extra opportunities to make more of her memorable quotes. One of season 3' high points for me was Thomas and a more direct storyline involving his sexuality. Rob James-Collier is always great to watch and although I usually love to hate Thomas, I really felt his pain and loneliness and what it must have been like trying to find love being gay in the 20's. Rob has a great interview in which he discus's Thomas' love life, in the latest issue of Out Magazine which you can read HERE:

Rob's appearance in Shameless UK

One of the big questions this season is whether Thomas will succeed in getting into the new footman's breeches!

The new footman Jimmy, is played by the beautiful Ed Speleers who turns many heads in the servants quarters!