Monday, April 7, 2008

Favorite Celebrity Butt Crack of the Day: Lee Ryan

It is too bad US boy bands did not show as much skin as their counter parts around the globe. Can you imagine if they did! Posting about Duncan James from the UK band Blue today made me think of Lee Ryan, another member of the group who certainly did not mind dropping his pants whenever the impulse arose! Love me some Lee!!!

More Lee Ryan

(Above: Lee with his bandmates from Blue)

Woody Harrelson goes for a dip

Woody and buddy Owen Wilson go for a dip at Woody's Miami home.


RIP Claudette Yamin

I was a huge Elliott Yamin fan. I think he was my favorite in all the years of American Idol. In listening to some of his songs recently I am still surprised he was third behind Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. I really don't enjoy either one of them. If you loved Elliott as I did, you also could not help but love his mother. Their relationship was a joy to watch. Elliott's mother, Claudette Yamin, died a week ago at the age of 65. My thoughts go out to Elliott and his family.

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 7th

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 7th Duncan James

Former member of the UK boy band Blue, Duncan James turns 30 today.

Also Celebrating today April 7th

Also celebrating today:

Runner Mike Van Kruchten turns 21 today.

Soccers Jonathan Stead turns 25 today.

Guillaume Depardieu turns 37 today.

Russell Crowe turns 44 today.

Jackie Chan turns 54 today.

Favorite Photographer of the Day: "Deej"

Although I love a full nude, many who read this blog also know my favorite type of pic is one where there is just a hint of nudity. For some reason I find these pics much more of a turn on. We all must admit that there are times we are on the net looking at pic after pic of naked men and we become almost immune. Then there are times when out of the blue we are driving down the street and we see some guy from the back walking and get a hard on as we drive by not seeing anything more than the the back of a white t shirt and jeans.

Photographer "Deej" sums up this in his pictures. For awhile I saw his signiture on some of my favorite pictures. "Deej", also known as Mr Photographer on his myspace page has tons of his work displayed there featuring hot as hell guys, although not your typical male model type showing just a hint of skin. I love his pictures, and many of the guys he photographs. Hope you like some of them as well.

"Deej's" myspace page with more photos HERE: