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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

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Happy Birthday today April 22nd

Happy 57th to the talented and adorable Ken Olandt!

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Summer School (1987)

Willi in Motion

When I posted New Manhattan Studio's images of Willi this past Sunday, I liked to NMH site for viewers to see more of Willi including images from their first shoot together as well as Wes's video presentation of their California shoot. In case you didn't see the video, I am embedding it below. Wes did a fantastic job on this presentation and the music and the images blend together beautifully!

Willi-FH from FavoriteH on Vimeo.

The image below is Willi relaxing after the shoot with PA Alex. The image at the top of this piece is from the first shoot in New York and was included in a feature of New Manhattan Stuido's work in DNA.

Jeff's Point of View Photography: Logan Shephard

First Shoot, March 31st 2015

'When I saw Logan for the first time, I immediately thought to myself, oh, this is going to be good!'

It is always wonderful to be able to feature a model's first time in front of the camera, today, we get to share in the result's of Logan's first, and second experience working JeffsPOV. I first featured Jeff's work at the beginning of the month with Mike. In that piece Jeff shared the exciting domino effect that occurred after Mike posted the images on Facebook. Several of Mike's friends were so impressed with the results of his first time modeling, they wanted to see if Jeff could work his magic with them. First up after Mike was Kyle, followed quickly after by Riley.

'After Kyle contacted me, Mike's friend Riley expressed interest as well. So, I was like, sure let's do a shoot, why not? Typically, I like to contact the model the night before the shoot, just to confirm that we are all set and just to go over what to bring. When I talked to Riley, he informed me that his buddy Logan was coming along and wanted to do a photo-shoot, too. I thought, well if he's anything like Mike or Riley, why not, but I really didn't know anything about Logan or what he looked like.'

When Riley arrived the next day, Jeff was pleasantly surprised with adorable and cute Riley was. When he saw his friend, 20 year old Logan Shephard for the first time, he know they were going to great some great images. Riley was fun and energetic in front of the camera and their shoot turned out fantastic. When they were finished, it as Logan's turn. Jeff says by this point Logan had put on a black t shirt, something he usually avoids as it blends into the black background too easily. He was eager to get started however, so began to shoot. When Jeff took a look at his first few images, he knew immediately that the camera was loving Logan.

'Logan was an absolute natural. This was his first time doing something like this but he had it down! Posing, smiling, smirking, When he put on his blue v-neck tee, it was the perfect color to really bring out his eyes. I loved it and so did the camera.'

As you can see from the final images, Logan lights up in front the camera. A natural who not only looks confident and relaxed, but also aware. Aware of how to use his body and aware that his eyes and facial expressions are as important to a great shot as the rest of his body. So many models, especially who focus on fitness and physique work seem to think toned abs and a great body are enough to create a great image. Logan's personality, and his brilliant smile, combine with his body and look to make his images so exception, not to mention to hot!
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Second Shoot, April 18th, 2015

'I often get criticized because my models aren't smiling enough. Not the case with Logan! He's got this killer smile that I'm sure is melting woman and men every time they see it. When he would smile, I would smile, I couldn't help it.'

Jeff says Logan was very open to idea's and willing to push his limits and comfort zone to get a great shot. They had fun creating different looks and poses while ensuring to keep things sexy and erotic and a little bit mysterious. As Jeff was going through the images after Logan had left the shoot, he was blown away by the results. 'He looked amazing! Great interaction and connection with the camera. Even when he was being silly (t shirt in his mouth pose), he's still incredibly sexy! It's become one of his favorite photos among my friends and on Model Mayhem as well.'

'I really enjoyed being in front of the camera although I was nervous at first but I went for it! And had a blast. It went a lot but better than I expected, mostly because I was working with Jeff. He was professional, with great ideas for capturing that perfect image. I would love to get more involved in modeling in the future, to take it more seriously, take it to the next level and see where it might take me in my career.'

For their second shoot, the goal was to take things a bit further, to capture a little bit more of Logan's sexy side. Given Logan exudes such natural appeal, and because he and Jeff, because it was their second time working together, had already reached a relaxed flow while working. The had more time on the second shoot, more to time to focus further on the things that worked the first time Logan was in front of Jeff's lens. As natural and confident as Logan appears in the first set, he is even more grounded and playful in the second set of images.

Given the incredible results of Logans first, and second time in front of the camera, I can't wait to see what the future holds. I can't think of a better, and more open photographer than Jeff to help introduce Logan to modeling. Together, they created an entire portfolio full of portraits, body shots, fashion and a wide range of looks and emotions. Jeff's says he that he would not be the least bit surprised to be flipping through a magazine in the future to find images of Logan looking back at him. I would think anyone who has spent time with Jeff's images of Logan would have to wholeheartedly agree!

Welkom Michiel Huisman

I have finally finished catching up with Game Of Thrones and am ready to start next Sunday watching live with the rest of the world. What a nice surprise to see one of my favorite actors, Michiel Huisman has taken over the role of Daario Naharis near the end of season 4. I have only watched Michiel in three episodes, but the producers of GOT wisely got out him out of his wardrobe in two of the three episodes I watched.

It was a naked Michiel that first got my attention the first time I saw him on screen in the 2003 film Phileine zegt Sorry. In the film, the Dutch actor has a few great, and one fairly extended nude scene, including the one I included below of a naked Michiel on stage with dozens and dozens of clothed cast members and extras. I have been featuring Michiel on FH since 2008 and it is great to see him apart of one of my new favorite television addictions!

Michiel in Phileine zegt Sorry (2003)

Michiel in Game Of Thrones