Friday, November 26, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 26th

Ryan Travis by Tony Jones Photo.

Happy Birthday today November 26th

Happy Birthday today November 26 to Peter Facinelli who turns 37 today. Two of my favorite tv shows, Damages and Nurse Jackie have featured this talented actor.

Also Celebrating today November 26th:

Model and actor Gavyn Michaels turns 26 today.

Skater John Zimmerman turns 37 today.

Actor Adam Harrington turns 38 today.

R.I.P Tony Jones

I did not know photographer Anthony Jones (Tony Jones Photo) but he was always very generous and supportive of my using his work on FH. The last time I heard from Tony we were putting together a post of his work with male & female couples. I found his couple work incredibly beautiful and Tony was helping me with the text. The last email I got from him was from this past May.

'Tye, thanks for everything and I'll be in touch. But probably not until the middle of next month. I'm moving in the next few weeks and will be insane until the dust settles.'

I never heard back from Tony and a follow up email in July was never replied to. I assumed he was busy. I was saddened to learn yesterday from Brandon Ruckdashel that Tony had passed away. Brandon and he were good friends and Brandon said Tony helped him to reach deeper inside himself for the work he created. Tony's work always inspired and should live beyond his death. His site is currently still up so you can still check out some of his work at Tony Jones Photo HERE:
R.I.P Mr. Jones.

New From Dylan Rosser: More Dominic

New on Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM is another set of London's Dominic. Dominic has been on the site a couple of times before but never disappoints! You can see more of Dominic at THE MALE FORM HERE: You can also check out a new site recently called which is where you can find affordable prints or collectable limited editions of Dylan's work.

Age: 26
Height: 1.75
Where were you born: Hong Kong
Where do you live: London
Occupation: Personal Stylist
Favourite TV shows: Married, Single, Other
Favourite music/band/artist: Death Cab for a Cutie/Dashboard Confessional
Favourite Food: Pasta
Interests/hobbies: Art, Dance
Goal in life: Perfection
How long have you been modelling: 4 Years
What you wear in bed: Nothing
Your best feature: Eyes