Saturday, May 23, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd

Love this shot of Petey Wright from a recent shoot with Eli Schmidt.

Favorite Birthday Boy for May 23rd Eric Nies

I know it would be a stretch to call Eric Nies an icon, but it was nice to see him back in the limelight this year with 'Confessions of a Teen Idol'. Eric was one of those guys I would never have heard of if not for the net. I never watched The Real World. When I first got the internet, Eric was another of those guys who was all over, from caps from The Real World to his work in Bruce Webers 'Bear Pond'. I clicked and saved many a picture of Eric Nies and here are some of my favorites. Eric turns 38 today.

Also Celebrating today May 23rd

Also Celebrating today May 23rd

Ben Ross turns 29 today.

Lane Garrison turns 29 today.

Model Christian Monzon turns 32 today.

Just Because: Doug Porter

You know Doug Porter is a fave of mine, but I don't think I had posted these two pics from OUT Magazine by Matthias Vriens.

Blast From The Past for May 23rd Andrew Keegan

Yes I know, maybe actor Andrew Keegan should not be under 'Blast From The Past'. I know he is still a working actor. I put Andrew under Blast from the Past as Andrew was one of those actors I watched closely 10 years ago as an up and coming star. It was during this time Andrew weaved his way between television and movies with a string of successful movies such as 'Teenage Caveman', 'O', '10 Things I Hate About You' and others. Then Andrew almost seemed to disappear. He didn't though, he has been working steadily since his first professional roles in the early 90's. Andrew deserves to get back in the limelight. He has a great distinct look and is a talented actor. Andrew has some upcoming projects in the works and here's hoping Andrew once again gets roles equal to his talents.

Next two shots by Isabel Snyder.

Andrew with Timothy Olyphant and Dean Cain in 'The Broken Hearts Club' (2000).

Andrew in 'Teenage Caveman' (2002).